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Zziko0Gaming 04-02-2013 04:24 PM

Space rangers 1 tips
I need some tips for SR1. How to start and how to develope good in the game. By good I mean when something new comes out I don't have to waste 6 months gathering the money and by the time I gather them a brand new equipment is out already :( . I found a nice way at first - quests but I made a strange notion. The quests just stopped. I went to at least 50 planets and no quests. Then I tried trading first with meds and food but after noticing I earn 2k cr for one course approx a month and a half. Then I tried with drugs and luxuries at peleng planets but still no decent money were earned. And finally today I tried being a pirate - bad idea. In the beggining I am weak and the military ships are faster and stronger and they litteraly rape me >.< . Can someone tell me how to earn good money in the game? There is the cheat code of course but I dont want to ruin my gaming by cheating.Oh and one last question - can I make the game run forever? Or for as long as I want at least. For example I find Makhpella and I just dont kill her. I think that the rangers squad is gonna clear the whole galaxy though... they become overpowered about 3015 and they start ganking pretty bad - 10 pieces at a time. Thank you in advance!

Sneaksie 04-04-2013 10:51 AM

The quests stop when there are too few free star systems around - if you liberate more, the quests should begin to appear again. Text quests are not limitless of course, but assassination or similar contracts are infinite I think.

In my game clissans occupied the entire galaxy except one system, so it's a good thing that in your game rangers have an upper hand. SPOILER: However you need scientists to develop the mental communicator and then find Makhpella yourself for the peaceful ending, so rangers and other NPCs may clear the galaxy quicker in your game and you'll get the default one.

You can deal (there are at least two ways) with Makhpella and continue playing in the liberated galaxy, the game will end when you report to one of the ranger centers (the quicker you end the game, the larger the final score will be, but you can continue playing if this score is not important for you).

Zziko0Gaming 04-05-2013 04:58 PM

Thank you for the quests. But about the liberated galaxy - I killed Machpella and I got an instant You win message and it sent me to the high scores. No such thing as playing after I have liberated it. I tried all ways - I killed Machpella at first, then I let her live, then I killed Rachekan only and finally I killed them both. No difference.

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