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thorik 01-26-2010 02:51 PM

The Whole EL story, please? (spoilers!!)
Hello everyone,

I have played Elven Legacy a long time ago, but now that the 3 exp. packs came out, I decided to play it again + all the exp. packs at once.

However, as I haven't played the prequel /fantasy wars/ I don't know the whole story of the game and several things are quite confusing to me...

I've tried searching for the whole story, but couldn't find anything...

So, does anyone know the whole story and exactly how it follows?

Thanks a lot ! I would really appreciate it.

Lord Ludwig 02-21-2010 11:41 PM

To keep it as short as possible and without all exact names of people and places:

Many centuries ago a big badass demon was defeated by a hero named Marcus who died doing so and later was divinized by the population he saved.The soul of the demon however was still somehow alive. Glenderin, elven mage, examines the reliquaries connected to the demon and gets corrupted by them (or was evil all along) and tricks orc hexers into aiding a young strong orc, Ugraum, to unite orcs, goblins and trolls in a horde. The purpose is throwing human kingdoms in turmoil to gain access to the sacred place where the body of the demon is kept. Meanwhile Pfeil, young son of a noble family working as a mercenary fights various battles and is saved from certain death by Teya, elven sorceress who has joined on another quest with Dwamrock the dwarf and discovered Glenderin's betrayal. Joining forces with Brennock the wizard and Dexter the inquisitor they face Ugraum and then the resurrected Farrakh the demon himself. When Farrakh goes down FW ends and Pfeil becomes king. In EL Gylven, another elven sorceress, leads Sagittel, elven ranger, on a crusade to restore a sacred tree and elven way of life. They become gradually more violent until Theya tries to stop them. Sagittel shoots Gylven realizing she lead him down an evil path, but he is exiled. It's implied that he somehow keeps targeting humans afterwards. In ELR and ELS we see a few more or less side characters, finally in ELM Farrakh somehow attempts to rise again but is defeated a second time without even materializing by the joined attempts of Pfeil, Dexter, Brennock, the shades of the dead Glenderin and Gylven and a new, extremely powerful, character being the dwarven runemaster Khrand. At the end of the game

Final spoiler

Gylven gets the resurrection she asked in order to help the heroes, but is resurrected as a newborn child, and will be adopted by Brennock to teach her, hopefully, a better way to use her power.

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