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ecania 06-21-2014 12:14 PM

Red Sands Extended released
This mod is canceled, no more updates


ecania 06-23-2014 01:14 PM

Changes in version 0714
Changes in version 0714

Level 5 units in Kef Azis Cave and Blue Collar Tomb has been removed.
Cyclops was to strong, has been nerfed.
Cyclops now have a chance of summon celestial snakes.
Asmadeo slight adjusted
Fixed bugged chest on Debir.
Pets digging ability should not give so much crystals anymore

Difficulty have been adjusted
Easy -------- 190%
Normal ----- 210%
Hard -------- 230%
Impossible - 250%

To strong units fled from shops on Debir.

Changes in version 0715
Paladin skill tree is changed and added 2 new skills.
Medals been worked on, some minor changes, added bonus for Fire arrow in fire mage medal.
Some minor changes in skills
Added big map for bolo.
some unit prices changed.
Small change in shops.

:smile: EA

jorko80 06-23-2014 08:22 PM

Hi Ecania, I have played for a while and can share some impressions and toughts. I cleared a large part of upper Debir and part of Kef Azisa cave.

First some adjustments I've made before starting the game on impossible :
- I've set alead=4.0 and the exp=4.0 in logic.txt, you left exp=2.5 and I think that leads to gathering too much experience.
- reduced the money to 0.4
- removed the deadmoney - 0.0 - no compensations for lost units in impossible :)
- increased spexp to 1.7 , otherwise the pet dragon is getting too much experience. Maybe it should be even 2.0.
- in logic.txt there is a parameter called rel_strength - I've increased the stats there exactly 3 times. They show the hints of the enemy army strength compared to my army strength. And when playing on 400% if you leave the old stats almost all armies on the screen are listed as lethal or impossible and by increasing the stats the armies are correctly described. In the normal Red Sands, you can kill almost every army that is described as lethal or impossible and now you can't :) . Maybe you should increase these stats 2 times for the difficulties you provided.

The start was good and challenging , everything is well guarded and I only got to level2 before starting to fight. I really like the guarded shops and upgrade shrines you've made.
Some thoughts on the game :
-I think there are too many enemy armies on the map. I feel like they should be reduced like 3 times. That leads to too much experience for Amelie,asmadeo, the pet dragon and especially my army units experience. Amelie is now lvl8, asmadeo 11 , pet dragon 15 and units 7-8. And the enemy units are only around lvl3 . I think army exp. should be reduced 2 times. But for me it will be better just to reduce the enemies around the map 3 times. I'm starting to get bored fighting all those armies and started to avoid them. For example there is a really nice place on Debir with 3 shops and some power ups, I like that they are guarded on the inside, but on the map there were also like 4 armies or so. Also in Kef-azisa I'm already far too strong and all those weak armies are boring , I like how you built the cave with those halls and such , but there are so many armies I don't want to fight that I left the cave and couldn't explore it to the end.
-The changed creatures are awesome, most of them are really challenging. I'll just mention some that I didn't found logical:
Priest - too much leadership required almost like inquisitor and the unit is far weaker.
Pirate- resurrects like paladin. If he was some kind of a sea-priest I could understand if he could resurrect pirates and devilfishes :)
Rune mages are really overpowered with 3 charges of illusion , 1 is more then enough.

Some bugs I encountered :
-Medal Reptile Hunter doesn't count killed reptiles, it counts fights without losses. Two medals counting the same thing is not that interesting. I don't know if you made it on purpose.
-there is a map for Rusty Anchor on Scarlet Wind island and it's guard can be avoided. I don't know if it's intentional , I didn't used it so far. For example on Bolo there are 2 island maps that are guarded by immobile guards and that's good.
-the companion Jimmy Kraud can upgrade Royal thorns( I liked it very much :) ) , but it was done for 0 gold.
-the Inquisitor sounds are all like those of the orc-shamans , maybe because of the talent you gave them - it is not very important.
- The Medal Trapper says that all types of units count , but I've killed my own summoned units there and that doesn't count. Maybe it should say only enemy units count.
- The map doesn't show the real land I'm exploring. I tried extracting those files as you suggested but it doesn't work.
- One of my medals gives 10% damage bonus to crushing blow and ball of lightning ,but that bonus applies also to Dragon Dive.
- A chest in Kef-azisa gave me just an error message and nothing else.

I think you can adjust the difficulty on the start screen when starting a new game, because it is confusing when it shows the original game stats. It is located in eng_windows.lng which is in loc_ses.kfs.

That's all for now ,tomorrow will continue with some more gaming. I'm really enjoying much of the ideas and changes you've made :)
Thank you for the work !

ecania 06-23-2014 09:25 PM

Thanks a lot for the feedback Jorko.
Changed difficulty settings in lng file.
Jimmy Kraud now takes gold when upgrading troops, upgrade of evil beholders fixed.
Rusty Anchor map on Scarlet Island adjusted.
Will Think about pirates and see what I come up with.
I havent changed anything on Rune Mages.
Reptile hunter was on purpose, tried different stuff on it, did not work, so choosed that instead of original.
Trapper medal text is untouched except added text about more runes, and it should not count your own units.
Inquisitor sounds , aye got it when adding talents, kept it for fun.
Radarmaps doesent work - have no idea, did u delete old red sands map before apply this mod? or any other mod installed?

Will adjust logic file.

It is not meant to kill every army out there, its a bit hard to build so much new landmass and leave big empty spots.
Taste of play is different, some people like short games and some long, so choice is to advance fast and not kill Everything and end game or play a longer game and kill a lot.
So will not decrease number of enemies.
I see u play as warrior, then pet level fast, and enemies get weak sooner cuz of leadership, but as mage thats a different story,at least for me.

It is not easy to balance for both warrior and mage, warrior gets more easy faster in beginning.
Play as mage now, still at debir lvl9 asmadeo is lvl9 and pet is lvl11, play on hard 190%


1darklord 06-24-2014 03:04 PM

Awesome, definitely want to give this a go when I get chance. :)


Erkilmarl 06-27-2014 03:23 PM

It's so quiet here, so I have to post some thoughts. I'm only at level 10 now and have been enjoying the new features. The new "things" you can find in the forests have been much fun and put to good use.

In the first dungeon, Fire Spiders made a no-loss Ent/Thorn encounter just a matter of right choices, whereas Marauders' unit shifting ability works the other way, but that's good, since now I have to find new tactical solutions for armies with Marauders included. So far everything is good.

Have you altered the chests that dragon digs up? I seem to be getting Wanderer Spells much too frequently. And one more thing: radar maps show terrain correctly, but the map that opens into new window doesn't.

ecania 06-27-2014 03:56 PM

Heya Erki

Yea its a bit quiet, but it is summer and holidays, so hopefully it will get better soon.
So u stumbled on some stuff in the

About the Wanderer spells u should do good on debir with some nice chests but after that things should go back to normal, it is a bonus for people play impossible.
If they dont pls report as soon as you can.

Did you read the update thread erki, I will do some Changes about units.
Pirates will loose prayer, but will be able to resurrect thorns instead and of cuz summon them too.
Priest are the new inquisitor and original inquisitors are a bit harder to kill and they have prayer instead of resurrection.
The map in the window is the old one , cant promise I can fix that.

Are u playing hard 190% now erki?


Erkilmarl 06-27-2014 04:35 PM

Oops, I meant Marauders... they are now interesting enemies.

It's somehow logical that Inquisitors are more interested in rooting out evil than helping people...

I'm still playing on Normal. I'll see how it goes.

ecania 06-27-2014 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by Erkilmarl (Post 668158)
Oops, I meant Marauders... they are now interesting enemies.

It's somehow logical that Inquisitors are more interested in rooting out evil than helping people...

I'm still playing on Normal. I'll see how it goes.

Ah jeah Marauders, hehe.
Oki me play mage now on hard, im lvl9 drago is 11 and asmadeo is lvl9, my army is - Fire spiders, archmages, orc hunters, inquisitor and gorgons.


Erkilmarl 06-29-2014 03:30 PM

I noticed that cured Jimmy Kraud will take money for upgrading Royal Thorns but then nothing happens.

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