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Seeker 06-05-2011 08:40 AM

I'm jealous of the fact that some of my squad mates, disappointed as they are with Clod, are being seduced by this:

(Shame DCS don't do prop stuff).

I'm seen some rubbish posts here postulating that Clod "has" to survive, and that 1C are the "only" sim engineers, which is blatant tosh, there's plenty of other sim engineers out there.

But I'm jealous of that review. Not the subject matter, but the fact that:

1) The Sim works. Just as advertised. Instead of delivering so much less than promised, it delivers more.
2) The cockpit works. The cockpit modelling helps win the game, instead of being a major opponent in it's self .
3) The difficulty is there because doing this stuff is well, difficult. There's no fake difficulty added on because "harder is more macho, and macho is more real".
4) The mission editor is COMPLETE, EASY and FAST to use.
5) The documentation is complete!

I'm jealous that the DCS game is finished. That it's documented. That it works. That it has content.

While I'm sure Luthier and co are working their hardest to get this pile of potentiality to run properly, does any body really believe this game will ever be finished, nay, polished, to the same degree as DCS?

If DCS weøre to make a prop sim, I'd just be so gone. I've had enough of Trabant, I want me some Rolls Royce.

Rattlehead 06-05-2011 08:52 AM

Due to limited bandwidth, I haven't been able to buy A-10 yet, though I've long coveted the game.

I do have Black Shark though, and I think these sims are so amazingly complex that it would put a lot of people off playing them. The startup procedure for the Ka-50 is pretty complicated, and I'm sure for the A-10 it's even more so.
Not that I'm complaining about the complexity (it is a sim after all) but it's something worth noting if people are interested in buying the game, but have not played a lot of simulators before.

Mysticpuma 06-05-2011 09:16 AM

That looks and SOUNDS amazing! A lot of lessons could be learned here. Thanks for the link, currently considering my finances as this looks worth adding to my collection.

Cheers, MP

MadTommy 06-05-2011 09:18 AM

DCS is a very polished sim suite. Far superior in quality and complexity to that of CloD. They ran a 6 month open beta (to pre-order customers) that had 6 or 7 version prior to the official release of A10c. This is what CloD should have done. This meant they released a pretty polished sim, it still had significant bugs, but it made CloD look like a bad joke.

Take a look at their patch logs and detail contained in the flight manual, this to me sums up the difference between IL2 & DCS..

I love what CloD is trying to do.. it is completely different to DCS, being a WWII prop sim. When CloD gets to a standard of DCS & RoF i'll be one very happy flight simmer.. right now the only thing good about CloD over these two is its new.

I hope it flourishes, i'll remain patient . but it is miles away from the quality of the DCS series.

EDIT: PS that is a really crap video to show off DCS A-10c!

Feuerfalke 06-05-2011 09:51 AM


Originally Posted by Mysticpuma (Post 293639)
That looks and SOUNDS amazing! A lot of lessons could be learned here. Thanks for the link, currently considering my finances as this looks worth adding to my collection.

Cheers, MP

You won't regret it.

Sure, DCS may seem a very overwhelming complex simulation on first glance, but the interactive trainings are far superior to anything you've ever seen on the public software market. Learning by doing: Step by step you're introduced to the aircraft, weapons and systems. Buttons and dials are highlighted to assist orientation.

Mastering all systems and striking precisely from high altitude is as adictive as buzzing over bushes and trees, evading AAA and SAMs, to cover some targets with 30mm-warthog-spit.

The datalink is a great feature for teamplay and there are already many missions running on servers that need coordinated attacks from players to successfully achieve a mission. Pure immersion.

Sound supports up to 7.1-Soundsystems, now. Awesome sound and brutal roaring when you squeeze that guntrigger...

IIRC you can already order the DVD-Version in the UK.

Check out Wag's Channel on Youtube for some thrilling and informative videos:

nearmiss 06-05-2011 09:59 AM

This is way off topic. This would be better discussed on the warthog forums or other more generic forums.

Jealousy is not a motivation for the developers of BOB COD, it won't work they are doing all they can as fast as they can.

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