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_79_dev 08-14-2013 11:30 AM

scoring and damages
Hello everyone, I would like to implement into server scoring and damage system which is going to rely on MySql database... For the moment I have simple events done and they all working fine but I stuck on "initiator" and "damage" in this methods:


public override void OnActorDamaged(int missionNumber, string shortName, AiActor actor, AiDamageInitiator initiator, NamedDamageTypes damageType)
        base.OnActorDamaged(missionNumber, shortName, actor, initiator, damageType);



    public override void OnActorDead(int missionNumber, string shortName, AiActor actor, System.Collections.Generic.List<DamagerScore> damages)

        base.OnActorDead( missionNumber, shortName, actor, damages);


For the moment I would like to get basic log when player plane was attacked, who did attack, and what damages was inflicted into players plane. Eventually I would like to get all of it into strings or any type of characters that I can put into MySql database...

Any help appreciated....


Sokol1 08-14-2013 07:08 PM

In Sukhoi forum they suggest this:


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