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Marabekm 02-06-2018 11:14 AM

Question regeardind HSFX
So this may not be the correct forum for my issue but I figure some of y'all may know.

Are there bombsights for the TBD and TBF in HSFX? I can't seem to get there if there is. It's just level bombing without a bombsight is......unrewarding and very inaccurate. :(
Its HSFX, so entirely possibly the modders may have forgot this important detail. It wouldn't be the first thing messed up.

Treetop64 02-06-2018 02:17 PM

With mods, especially the larger mega mods, you get what you get. The people who create modded content do so for free and on their own time. It is therefore inappropriate to nitpick over mods talking about how they "messed up". If you don't like it, simply don't use it, or create your own mod content and offer it to the community.

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