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Nike-it 11-10-2010 09:03 AM

Royal Quest - Debut Trailer Available
1C Company and Katauri Interactive presents the official debut game trailer for Royal Quest, the first MMORPG ever produced by 1C is now available. The trailer features some of the Royal Quest’s monsters, specially trained pets, various locations and core gameplay.

You can download HD version here (183 Mb).

Dwagginz 11-10-2010 09:38 AM

I'm... Hmm, less worried but also more worried. It's nice to see combat in action but it seemed very busy (i.e. a lot of mobs everywhere). I'm going to guess it's predominantly a case of in certain areas enemies won't attack you unless you attack them first?

Combat seems very Torchlight/Diablo-esque, graphics look like a cross between Torchlight and KB. Wait, this looks like it's going to be up against Runic Games' Torchlight MMO.

But that music? Has to be Lind Erebos. Is it? :p

TJz 11-11-2010 07:27 PM

The game has not even come close to Closed Beta yet. Who knows what classes/features will be introduced by 2012.

Korsakov829 11-11-2010 10:49 PM

Surely though early 2012 is a rough estimation. It could be in just 8 months from now.

malcolmm 11-12-2010 06:38 PM

The trailer looks very impressive, the graphics of the monsters in particular are great. It looks far better than Torchlight, I bought Torchlight and never could understand why people like it - poor graphics and interface, and really boring gameplay.

I would love to see the same quality of graphics and monster design applied to a Kings Bounty 2. I'm not a MMO player, the gameplay if far too simple and repetitive for me. Hopefully Royal Quest can change my mind about MMOs.

Korsakov829 11-12-2010 06:50 PM

I hope your mind is changed. This game, is a big opportunity for 1C and Katauri. It will provide funding for years if its great enough for even more games.

onepiece 11-13-2010 10:34 PM

Well I have some new opinions now:

1) The monster designs are fresh and interesting. Great job guys.

2) The heroes are horrible. Copy and paste eh?

3) It looks better than Torchlight but the heroes and mounts suffer from a severe "big head and proportions" syndrome.

4) Why couldn't I play as the robot-jester or the hydralisk-like or the pharaoh?

5) I'm taking this from another thread Nike-it but, why so generic?


Originally Posted by Nike-it (Post 197295)
Hi, unfortunately I can't answer all your questions, but some I can.

1) The game will be more Diablo-style, not hack'n'slash
2) Not sure, but it's not like Dota.
3) The developers announced 4 classes (mage, swordsman, archer and thief) and 8 occupations.

The monster design are way better than in most games and you throw some ordinary heroes with generic classes and bad jobs? WHYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyy.....!

And Diablo IS Hack'n Slash (as all games that derive from it; kill, collect loot, so repetitive missions, kill, loot, repeat again...

onepiece 11-14-2010 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by lost-fat-bunny (Post 198254)
It's about office plancton. :eek:

Could be but still it severely degrades the quality of the game since the monster look WAY better than the heroes and those like some final fantasy rejects! Plus the chocobos are completely rip-off (and look way too cute for the game XD). Maybe upgrade the models so they look more mature and not so childish?

TJz 11-14-2010 09:55 PM

I suppose the chocobo dopplegangers are a bit too much, however amusing they may be.

Perhaps this issue can be solved by adding a little riding armor to them instead of riding a bushy feathered bird. From a logical standpoint, I would not rush into battle on a horse that has no protective armor. Or a saddle at the very least.

But, that being said. There is still a lot of time for game play and texture editing so don't count the game out just yet.;)

Let's keep up the constructive criticism guys!

I'm excited about the release, Hope you all are too!

onepiece 11-14-2010 11:31 PM

Well I think it would have been better if you could play as a monster or something that wasn't the same ridiculous human we have been playing SINCE DIABLO I!!!!

Come on, some models are way too good to be wasted on the meat-fodder (or at least make the heroes not so similar since they look quite generic and puny looking)

Another thing (too quit bitching about the heroes look XD) is that the game feels a little "slow" (at least the video gives that impression). Feels as if the heroes move slower than the monster (not only better looking but faster? Wanna play as them!!)

Thanks it, onepiece off for now

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