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stephao1 04-27-2012 09:45 AM

Tested PC sticks on PS3
I tested my Saitek X52 Pro on PS3 DEMO VERSION and works great. You have to remap all the keys and axes though. I'm thinking of buying one actually after I tested my joystick.

I've never seen a console game that allows you to set all the buttons and axes like this game. You can set virtually unlimited key mapping with the option in the game.

The game can read X, Y, and Z Rotation(rudder twist) axes from the joystick, and Z axis from the throttle. No slider and dials axes can be read but other 4 would be enough for this game.

POV1(Coolie hat) works as d-pad which you can use it to navigate the options. Other two POVs are not working. All buttons are there. A button is circle, B button is triangle... and so on. I don't remember all but it's got everything, even including R3 and L3.

Pinkie button is assigned as R1 button (or L1. I forgot) so you can use it as a modifier so that you can bind it with other buttons or axes.

Well so YES, Saitek X52 Pro DOES work with Birds of Steel. Just you have to configure well. It actually works on all other PS3 games but this game is the only game I found that allows me to remap the buttons and axes.

Btw, the joystick is NOT working with Xbox 360. Not a single button works with Xbox 360 demo version. =/

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