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crazydawid 12-10-2013 11:38 AM

Fog of war = FPS drop
Hello guys!
I recently bought MoW;assault squad.

After plaing MoW i had no problem at all and with assault squad on steam my FPS are garbage.

My specs are GT630M 4 GB ram and i3-2350m, after some searching i foun out that this rig is over 200% better that recomended specs...

In Men Of War, with "simple" fog of war, game is running ok, but in Assault Squad with only "realistic" option is running very bad...

Im sure that fog of war is the problem:
- i started match only with me on line
- i spawn 1 squad of infantry
- run them to the forest, where fog of war is going crazy with a lot of trees and stuff
= FPS drop to less than 20
- run back into open area, bump back to 50 - 60 FPS

Any idea how to make it run better?


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