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Zaietz 11-16-2013 05:26 PM

Men of War 2 ideas
Good day lads,

As I have heard, rumors on the campfire state that the talented clan at the 1C headquarters is preparing another offensive entitled Men of War 2. I must say my condemned brothers that this is some great news, as I, like most of us here perhaps, is a big fan of the splendid work which the 1C boys provide. I would like to share some ideas of mine concerning this new project, which you might want to incorporate.

1. Stealth missions

I am a big fan of infilitration. The original Men of War provided some tasteful missions in the stealth deapartment, notably the 1st 2 of the British campaign and one of the last in the Soviet campagin, where you had to sweep a mine field as far as I can remember. My dear 1C, can you bring some more of this? Some mission ideas:

- the Peenemunde rocket research base
- the V2 launch platforms in the Netherlands
- the chase for the ENIGMA machine
- the hunt for Ervin Rommel
- the grand Allied strategy of destabilising German economy by the
dam-busting method.
- missions where the Stavka and NKVD cooperate

2. The Italian Front

Most RTT WW2 games sort of ignored this bit of WW2 history. I wonder why that is, because the Italian theatre of War 'provided' some hard fought battles. 1C clan, you could break some ice here.

3. The Norvegian Front

The Norwegian front was an important set of pieces in the WW2 display; I bet most of the die hard Men of War fans would enjoy the blood on snow pictures. Perhaps some mission where the British cooperate with the Norwegian resistance movement. Again, some stealth ;)

All the best and keep up the good work, POKA

roptor90 01-17-2015 08:39 PM

My ideas about possible "MOW 2" and titles under its name.

DMS and Best Way should work together at first place and create folowing games and on GEM 3 or even GEM 4 engine.

Soldiers Heroes Of World War Redux
Faces of War Redux
Men of War Redux

It will earn a lot more money then 1C earnings past 10 years...

GrimReaper 02-02-2015 04:10 PM

Nice ideas there roptor but no need to see it in 3 threads now.
Anyway seems that all involved who are responsible for MOW franchise cares so much about it...

3lockad3 11-19-2015 02:31 AM

Another thing they need to do something about is literally being so close to something that when you nade it it blows you up with it, or the bazookas,, why the **** do you got to be so close and inaccurate it murders immersion. Same with tanks,, this game has serious issues when it comes to range. And if you use cheats it don't get you anywhere, nor should it, but come on devs, the range in the game is a joke, I can piss further then most things can shoot or see.

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