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signalnorthrail 12-23-2017 01:57 PM

My Computer spec and CLOD . Any chance of running well?
How does my system stand in having any chance to run CLOD well at all?

A10-7800 Radeon R7

12 compute cores 4C+8G

Ram 12.00
64 bit x 64 processor

Windows 8.1

Music 08-14-2020 07:06 AM

I honestly don't know what any of that is, Sound like you have a 12 core CPU, and that won't matter from what I have read Clod can only utilize four.

But I can say that it will run smooth as butter with i5 3770 12G Ram DDR3 and a Geforce 1650 4GDDR5 low profile GPU. And a SSD.

I just put it on Med setting and ran it for a hour. Other than my learning curve it runs great in 1080p, I just have to learn the new flight model and all the new features. You may need a head tracking device of some sort or a hat switch, the cursor seem to always be on which means you can't move your head with your mouse.

*is Cliffs of Dover a separate game than Blitz, it's in two folders in my steamapps folder, I thought Blitz was a add on/patch for CloD. Clod is only 10$CND, but I bought Blitz first somehow, so I purchases CloD thinking it was like the original Il-1 1946 DVD and Blitz was a TD patch. It's also and more importantly another 5.2Gs of data. At one point I thought I was down loading both of them twice, my Steamapp folder grew to 15.3G.

I'm glad the game in on my PC though, I thought it was going to some how be somewhere else that I could not get at with out being online.

Looking forward to finding a server once I get my wings underneath me, it's really a step up in graphics and the simulation of weightlessness of flight. And the planes look great with a lot of Skins. I guess that it's been around for 8 years now, as long as Il-2 1946 was by the time I had a rig that could run it.

I'll catch up eventually. :-D

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