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I guess I could try to help, since I didn't see a description for the Jug up yet.

P-47D "The Jug"
- Eight .50cal machinegines
- (x2) 1000 lb bombs and (1) 500 lb bomb
- (x10) HVAR Rockets
- (x2) 1000 lb bombs, (1) 500 lb bomb, (x10) HVAR rockets

The P-47D is big, heavy plane that has excellent ground attack capabilities and some chance in an air to air fight if used properly. This plane has a potent armament for almost any situation. Its eight .50cal machineguns tend to make planes tear to bits if they are hit with a good burst. Only the more armored planes seem to hold up for any length of time under sustained fire. Between it's bombs and rockets, a single P-47 is capable of putting a little over 3000 lbs of ordinance on target with a single pass. This makes it fairly effective in CTA and Strike.

Its a little less effective in a dogfight, but it can still get some kills if used properly. Due to its massive size and weight, it has an extremely poor turning radius. Boom and zoom is your friend when fighting other aircraft. The P-47 is suprisingly quick in a straight line, and can usually outrun most planes other than 190 variants, 109-K4s and the jets. If you can get your guns on target, most planes will disappear after a good burst or two, the difficulty is often getting them on target in the first place.

The P-47 is also an extremely tough plane. It is heavily armored over most of the airframe, and can usually take a good beating before going down. Its weakest points seem to be the cockpit and the front portion of the plane near the engine, and a solid hit in either has the potential to do some damage. Avoid head-ons and turning battles, and you can usually stay alive.The ideal scenario for this plane is CTA and Strike, where it can still give ground targets a pounding, and also transfer into air to air combat or bomber hunting when needed.


Sorry, it turned out a little long. I tend to go on and on when talking about stuff ^^; Me and my squadron have been having a good time with the Jug, thats for sure.

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