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Default Fox and hounds

Dear Club,

Mage, Tagem and I created a new game tonight - 'FOX AND HOUNDS'. It's a LOT of fun, and good training.

Here's how it goes (as I will update this page should rules need finetuning and change, please check back here now and then):

Two or more players set up a dogfight under Club Rules. 10 minute games work well. One player is assigned the FOX, he's flying the P51-B, all others are the HOUNDS and fly the P51-D5. Ideally, all players are connected via headset. If that's not possible, all players should communicate via the 'P51 Mustang Club' Chat while in play.

Game phases:


At the beginning, the FOX communicates his position and the direction he will fly, e.g. 'W E' for West moving East. The FOX should chose a direction which takes him closer to the other players and which leaves sufficient space on the map.

Taking up the announced direction, the FOX climbs/descends to 3000 feet and flies at a speed of 200mph (yellow marking on the airspeed indicator). The HOUNDS now look for the FOX and line up in close proximity behind the FOX as they reach him, thus forming a line.

Once aligned, if there is no communication via headset, each HOUND gives a brief salvo (without hitting someone). As soon as the FOX has counted the same number of salvos as the number of HOUNDS, the hunt is on.


The FOX has to outrun and outmaneuver the chasing HOUNDS, who are not allowed to shoot at the FOX. To kill the FOX, the HOUNDS have to either run him into the ground (make him crash) or 'bite' him, i.e collide with him. Each time the FOX dies this way, the HOUNDS make one point.

The FOX is allowed to shoot. If he manages to outmaneuver and shoot down a hound, he scores a point. Any time a HOUND gets killed, except when he was biting the FOX, the FOX scores a point.

Every time a player crashes and respawns, a new lineup takes place, with the FOX announcing his position and direction of flight, climbing to 3000' and flying at 200mph, until the line up is complete and the chase can start anew.


During lineup, no fighting or agressive actions are allowed. There's a penalty if a HOUND flies into the FOX in this phase. In this case the FOX gets two points. In other cases, if anyone dies during the lineup (e.g. collision between HOUNDS), one point per death goes to the other species. You get the idea, it pays off to be extra careful not to mess up the lineup.

During the hunt, the HOUNDS score one point every time the FOX crashes or when a HOUND 'bites' him (collides with him). The FOX gets a point if he manages to outmaneuver and shoot down a HOUND, and any time a HOUND dies (collisions between HOUNDS, crashes).

Winner is who at the end of the game has scored the most points. Equal points is a draw.

Ideally players are alternating roles so that at the end of a series of games every player had the chance to be the FOX.

I hope we all will really enjoy this game. It was great fun when we played it, and it's a great opportunity to practice tracking/evasion maneuvers and the handling of our Mustangs.

Looking forward to exciting games!


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