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Default One Step Closer to the Real Thing: No Map!


Last night we tried a variation of the game that brings us one step closer to the real thing: flying without using the map. We did one game as CTA with one airfield which worked very well, and a team battle in Britain where the mission objective was to defend Dover harbour. This also worked very well.

I found that never looking at the map but scanning the sky adds a lot to the immersive experience of 'being there'. Flying by look and see, and by 'lose the sight, lose the fight' is a thrill and closer to the real thing.

Now I think that games without using the map should remain Special Club games, not become a general rule. Most of the maps are just too large to find one another.

So here's two 'NO MAP' Special Club games that can be played without using the map:


2. 'DEFEND LOCATION XYZ'. Any dogfight or teambattle with the special mission objective to defend a specified airspace. That means that the place of the action has to be clearly defined and easily recognizable, and that all pilots seek to defend the airspace there against the enemy. Suitable locations for a 'Defend location XYZA' Special Club game: Lake Lentini; Catania Airfield; Berlin Tempelhof Airfield; and, any single airfield CTA can be played as a 'Defend location XYZ' teambattle, meaning that no one is supposed to land and all the action is to take place in the sky only.

Before starting such a game, it is important that all players understand and agree that this game is a 'NO MAP' game and will not use their maps during the game. Only exception of course is when in respawning the map is displayed.

Hope we'll all have lots of fun with these new special games!

See you in the skies soon!


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