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Default Final-Version of the Mod

Hello friends

About over 260 downloads my mod and no one has a problem?!

Since the "old" version still has serious weaknesses, especially in the field of balance, I am now offering to a substantial better version.

The final version has complete new Skill Tree

The power-Tree has been improved significantly, as he offered before anything interesting.
The Magic Tree was weakened.
Example, the multiple use of the spell book was removed
The spirit tree now contains only the talents of creatures
In addition, the top three skills for people who is the enemy too weak.

You missed the shortcut arrows between the skills?
Now you can learn any Skill immediately, unless it has the needed runes.
Thus, the game is now much freer and you need only to take the skills that help the respective hero and his troops
Since the skills are not exactly cheap, so you must choose now the most important.

As this may not be met everyone's interest, the files for the new skill tree are in a separately folder

All spells have been extensively revised.
In the old old version of the intelligence had lost its meaning!
Now it is so that the intelligence is VERY important, because the magic does not do too much damage. From an intelligence over 20, is the Magic then already somewhat usable.
Effectively, they are surely first, over an intelligence from 40 or higher.
Thus, playing a magician certainly far from easy
But the spells shall be only supportive the hero a little and not more!!

The magic of the enemy are not directed by intelligence. And they make significant damage from start
Whom this is still too little, may use the file from the folder "magic double damage opponents.

The fight with pirate ships is now no easy matter. Who does not like, must be very deep reach into the wallet.

MANY houses in the Game (unfortunately not all) have been changed (creatures, spells and items)
Very very many enemy troops were changed. The enemy has now mostly higher quality troops..
I would gladly have made the later enemies a lot stronger but I lacked hints!!!!!!!

The items were also revised
Otherwise bug fixes that had called me or that I found in testing.

When you are german, then look here:

Link for the Final-Version is in the first Post of this Thread
Here i´am ready, so i start playing an other Game and i say goodbye at all

Regards, Marlow
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