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Dear all,

I'm happy to announce a new Special Club game: AERIAL BATTLES - P-51 MUSTANG PURIST CLUB AGAINST LUFTWAFFE

It has taken some time to evaluate scenarios and possible adversaries. This has been necessary to balance out the disadvantages we're carrying with our Mustangs and Club Rules (but HUD allowed) versus opponents who fly with HUD, virtual cockpit and any sensitivity they wish. While the Aerial Battles are not necessarily going to be historically accurate (types of airplanes flying against each other), we're limiting the maps to at least introduce a certain feel of historicity. I would like to thank everybody who participated in the evaluations, special thanks to tommykocher and swoop117 for their time and dedication.

The Aerial Battles are played in Strike Mode. Ground targets must not be attacked. Sole purpose of the game is to establish Air Superiority by counting fewer casualties than the enemy. The game is played on three maps: Britain, Bulge and Berlin. Winner is, who at the end of the game has suffered fewer casualties. Points are not taken into consideration.

Game Mode: Strike
Maps: Britain, Bulge, Berlin
Duration: 20 minutes
Time of Day: Any
Weather: Any
Points: Maximum
Fuel and Ammo: Limited
Respawn Time: 15 seconds
Minimum Number of Players: 2
Maximum Number of Players: 10, but may be higher as long as there is not too much lag

Team A:

- Members of the P-51 Mustang Purist Club
- Allowable Airplane Types: P-51 B, P-51 D5
- Club Rules, but HUD allowed

Team B:

- Friends of P-51 Mustang Purist Club, Members of P-51 Mustang Purist Club
- Allowable Airplane Types: Bf109 E-3, FW190 A-5, FW190 F-8, FW190 D-9, TA-152
- Limitations: none, except that Members of the P-51 Mustang Purist Club who fly with Team B have to fly with full sensitivity

Ideally both teams would have the same number of players, however a difference of 1 is acceptable.

It seems possible to expand the maps and allowable airplanes later on, but for now let's keep it simple like this. It is my hope that the P-51 Mustang Purist Club will learn to cope with the disadvantages inherent in this game by increasing their tactical and teamworking skills.

As usual, the game should be started from the Chat room to ensure that the game is set up for the correct number of participants and only invited players enter the game room.

One last thing: we need more Friends to make this game a success. If you know anybody who would like to fly the available German planes against us, please invite them to become Friends by replying either here, on the Friends thread, or by sending me a PM or a message on the Playstation Network.

Looking forward to exciting Aerial Battles!


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