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Figured I'd just recycle this topic.

BACKUP REMINDER: Most of these mods are simply extract-overwrite, so make a backup of your Star Wolves 3 \Data\ folder and subfolders before you install any of them just in case you screw things up. Tip: most mods don't change the \Music\ or \Video\ folders so you don't have to backup those, saving you a lot of space.

===== Mod Pack 1 =====
Release history:
- Initial release - Mon 6 Sep 2010
- Updated - Mon 6 Sep 2010

Contains 3 mods:
[1] Fleet mod beta v0.1 -- by Nanaki
+ previously missing LocData
Random fleets and convoys now roam the systems, space is no longer empty and quiet. Watch enemies skirmish and pick up the loot, or get some combat practice and thus experience for your team if you're strong enough to take them on.
Mod URL:

[2] Mothership mod v0.27 -- by Goblin Wizard
Adds buyable motherships and hireable team members - players need no longer brave the perils of the Star Wolves universe with an incomplete team. Includes several designs from previous Star Wolves games.
Mod URL:
Changelog: See attachment

[3] Missiles mod v07062010 -- by Trucidation
+ handpatched for compatibility with the previous 2 mods
Replaces most low-end missiles of each tier with multiwarhead types. Overall design shift from long range pre-engagement weapons to anime style close combat spray and pray fun.
Mod URL:

Get it here:
(approx. size: 15MB)

Alternate download link:
Edit: As you likely already know, Megaupload is dead, so is this link.

How to install:
1) unzip the archive you downloaded
2) copy-paste the Data folder to the game's folder (say yes to overwrite)

Additional notes:
Mon 6/Sep/2010 - Updated from v0.24 Mothership mod to v0.27
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