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Greetings fellow flyers.

I am looking forward to this tournament, and to try to battle you guys in the skies again.

This is my player info:

Homemap: Sicily
Prefered days: Monday to Thursday
Prefered time: 10 pm and out ECT+1
Connection ratio: Down 4 mbit/sec - up 0,4 mbit/sec
PSN id: kavorland

Maybe we should ad this info at every player at the list of participants ?

Flight log:

Quarter final against Mirgervin.
The match set at Britain, evening and clear weather. On my recce flights I bumped into edal and wolfsalt on this map earlier in the day. They both tought me a lesson in T&B fighting and I had to reconcider my tactics against Mirgervin. I also found the D5 easy to spot under these conditions, and prayed that Mirgervin would use this.
As he is the better pilot, I needed to be the better tactic. We met late evening and set of, both in the B
As I guessed Mirgervin where a low level T&B fighter, much better then me. I chose to go high, get a birds eye on things, spot him first and B&Z him.
After a long search I spotted him below me, maneuvered in position and commenced attack but lost him out of sight against the ground. I broke of to stay undetected and repositioned my self. Same procedure again and lost him again, d_mn him for choosing the B version. Third time, he spots me and gets the better position, wings me on approach and I am to damaged to regain position, he gets me. From respawn I head straight at him, leveled head on, he gets the better aim and hits my left wing, I believe I got some shots in him but my left wing is read. As of this my turn becomes to wide and he is obviously not that damaged as he is on my six again and gets me the second time. Respawn, but time is against me and dont get to reencounter.

Stabler put up a good fight in first match. I have been grounded for a week and made some silly mistakes in the first match and Stapler got me good.
Recovered some in the second. Good flying and finally airborne again.
Stapler won the first with nasty figures, I won the next with a scream....

Second leg in the tourney. Had reaper and Joed70 schedueled.
First match out against reaper on my home map. He got the first kill from a head on. Next one I out turned him and shot him down. The match battled to and from in tight turns and clean shots. I ended up killed 3 times and reaper 2 but crashed 4. Total reaper 3/4 and me 2/3, I win.
Rematch on reapers turf, Dover. He got me again on the first encounter and again I retaliated. After that I missed out on the next encounter, lost him outta sight and had to pay for that as he got behind and shot me down.
Reaper in the lead and turned defensive. In my quest for my next kill we ended uo above Scotland where reaper was at high altitude, in my climbchase I got to eager and didnt see him turn down on me. A beautiful B/Z kill from reaper and he had 3 vs 1. Respawn and picked him up again, manoeverd behind him, but the fox throttled of as I was in shoot range, I overshoot and missed out. Reaper wins the second of two great games.

Next up was Joed70. He had returned to his ps3pad. He managed to get some shots in me in both matches, but in the turns he had problems in spinning out and became easy pray. 2 wins to me. Great game Joed.

Rematch against Olife. I hosted on the Sicily map. First encounter was a straight head on were Olife made some hits. Banking right after the pass. my plane was to damaged to keep flyin. Olife scores. Respawned and of to another head on, same happens again. evasive manuever set to late yet again. Next time I managed to get around him and get some hits, Olife grounds it. Olife 2 me 1 when I hit a roof at low level. Then Olife starts his evasive manuevers and I am left chasing him through half Italy and ends up in yet another total f**k roof.
Olife 2 kills 2 deaths and me 1 kill 4 deaths.....

Second match against Macademic. He hosted at Sicily, the coast and flew the D5. Mac went for altitude advantage from start. After finally spotting him high up, my climb started, trying to stay undedected. From Macs movements, I had to abort and re-establish climb patterns. After a long climb, I managed to come on his six and got a lucky hit. Mac turned downwards, and we went spiralling towards the sea. He was constantly performing advanced evasive manuevers but I managed to get some more hits as we went downwards.
At sea level, he almost managed to out manuever me at low level/low speed turns but luckily for me he overperformed and spun out to crash in the sea. From respawing Mac comes right out in leveled flight attacking me. My evasive maneuver is set to late and he hits me slightly, but I manage to stay out of his aim and in control of the plane and as we battle around time runs out. A very thight and good fight.

Tonight was the first match night in the tourney for me.
I had scheduled matches with Olife. We battled two matches against each other and Olife won both.
Unfortunatly we both missed out on the respawn/disengagement rule in both matches. As of this we agreed, after consulting Mac, to cancel the first and schedule a rematch as this match was the one suffering most from this.
Later on I hosted a match against Mac and got lucky.
Learning from my tactical errors against Olife, I managed to get the upper hand and held it through the match.
Thanks to you both guys.

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