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Here's my player info:

Homemap: Berlin
Prefered days: Monday to Thursday, but absolute possible at weekends too.
Prefered time: 19 pm and out ECT+1
Connection ratio: Down 10 mbit/sec - up 1.0 mbit/sec
PSN id: McQ59

1'st mission against Edal86 tonight. A real close and intens game. He got out 1 point on top in each. (If my memory don't serve me well here, you gotta excuse me Edal!) Great fun and a real good experience. Did a cpl of "rookiefu*k-ups there. (Allways remember the combatflaps!)

2'nd mission against winny1973. A mission I didn't look forward to, but it went out just fine. (I'm really happy I didn't convert to cars & racetracks back in '10. I was close, but resisted!) He got me a cpl of times at Stalingrad in winter, but over Berlin I ruled the sky. Another nervewrecking experience, but it was nice to score the first points in the tourny. Thanks for being a great sport Winny!

3'rd misson Cheers wolf! 2 intense missions. Man, you can't fool this pilot. If u miss him your're done for. Agressive skilled. He won his homemap, I won mine. Anyway... Great matches. The chase of the bluenosed bitch is on!

4'th mission Themeistor came in fast with guns blazing! Cpl of attacks from high, but mostly head-ons in treetop-level. Good close fight, but the rounds in the engine and wings on the headons gave the Old Crow a bad limp. All in all a really close shave, but themeistor got both matches. Guess I'm heading back to base and a beer at the mess with the chaps after this one. Two good games, but all the same... Not satisfactory. Good luck to themeistor!

5'th mission and Mage_016 sets off over Berlin. I flame him in the first encounter, and he get's me in the second. It develops in to a give&take, but in the end I get the upperhand. A good and intense match! A hard and fair opponent but the Old Crow takes no prisoners, and I can return to base.

And I guess the Old Crow will return to his hangar. Bruised in battle - but not totally wrecked after all. The old bird will propably fly another day...

Cheers Gentlemen - and whatch your six!

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