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Country: Malta
Time Zone: UTC+1
Languages: English, German
Avaibility: 24/7, per prior arrangement
Internet Connection: Up: 0.4 Mbps, Down: 4 Mbps
Homemap: Sicily, The Coast


Tournament Closed!


27/02/2011: Superbrawl day. Not all matches in the B tournament were completed, Tommy went MIA and was disqualified. So today Mirgervin and I played a little finals in the B, since we were the ones with the most points in the group. I must say it was the worst match I have played in a long time, especially in the B. My Mustang felt heavy, sluggish, the engine weak. I couldn't maneuver, really couldn't keep up at all. Whatever good I had felt about my flying was just not there in the crucial moment, and my otherwise loyal Mustang failed me. The victory I carried away was not much deserved. Mirgervin crashed too many times without my involvement. i don't know why but perhaps he had reached his goals and was not able to tune to the fickle settings after his day of glory. Anyway, I grabbed the title, perhaps deserved all in all, but this match was awful. 8:7

15/02/2011: Today was a match to remember. If there ever was a good reason to have a blog, this was it. B tournament, rematch against Mirgervin. This man was born with wings. What he was producing with the P-51B was just incredible. Longest scissors and knifeedge fighting I can remember - ever! No one able to gain clear advantage, it fittingly ended with us crashing into each other. Two old samurai warriors ending an unwinnable fight with mutually mortal blows. Wow. Although the match was very even, Mirgervin took victory home on the day. 4:5. Epic match!

11/02/2011: Last two matches in the A tournament group phase for me today. I'm playing dkwookie, a serial killer in Arcade but not quite so much in Simulator - yet! Got to watch him in the future. First match I lose control of my plane too easily and carelessly give a good lead away. Better luck on my home match, where I keep the upper hand throughout. In the end we both carry on victory home. A nice end of the A tournament for me.

07/02/2011: I was hoping not having to do this, but after wakespeak failed to reply to my messages and that of other players for such a long time, Edal and I agreed that it's best to disqualify him. I don't know the reason for his sudden departure and loss of interest (someone using his account is frequently popping up on PSN), but we felt it's best to disqualify him and not keep everyone running after him. A bit sad for the tournament but what can we do?

07/02/2011, continued: Two great matches in the A tournament against Olife. First one a clear 0:4, second one we fight hard and in the end it's a respectable 4:5. Great matches Olife San!

06/02/2011: Rematch against Edal in the B tournament, it takes us a long time to find each other, and he finds me first. I come spiralling down from high when he gets me and blackens my windscreen. We end the match with 2:2. Good match, Edal has improved much in flying Club Rules!

04/02/2011: Rematch against Mage in the B tournament, I host this time. Mage is dangerous and efficient today, I'm soon behind with 1:3. Pulling myself together to avoid a loss, I go on the offensive. At 3:3, the decisive moment of the match: Mage is behind me, I'm maneuvering wildly to escape his bullets, and he plunges to the sea! Lucky escape. The game ends with 5:4 for me, a lucky win! GREAT MATCH!


Nice match against Mirgervin in the B tonight. We both played offensively, I won 6:3.


'A' tournament, matches versus Reaper. A pretty straightforward affair, my goal is to not allow him more than three kills within the 20 minutes period. I'm no coward, but he's a very strong player and I'm disadvantaged flying Club Rules. And so, not surprising, when we do come in vicinity and I see his red dot, the next I see is him firmly in my six with guns blazing. I achieve my modest goals. 0:3, both matches.

'B' tournament, visitor match against tommy. Tommy and I often play Club Rules and it's always fun. He's a cool tactician and able to jump his opponents when they don't expect it, usually from high. I decide to not leave the high road all to him alone and climb from the beginning. It takes a while til I see his red dot, but the next thing is him shooting. Again, he managed to somehow find me first and get on my six. But his shots are from too far, so I slam the power full forward and begin a frantic dive, his bullets zooming past me left and right. Reaching tree level I continue to extend away from him, my D5 at advantage here. When I reach enough distance, I drop combat flaps, cut the power and bank hard back into the bogey. My maneuver is working, he's zooming past and I briefly hit him. He begins a steep defensive left turn close to the ground, I follow, revs up. Any mistake here can be deadly. I don't have enough speed to yo yo, so have to stay close to the ground. He starts gaining on me ever so slightly, but for a split second he's pulling too hard, stalls and slams into the ground. Lucky to have survived! I pull away to gain altitude before our next encounter. When his red dot appears, it is behind me, again! I power up and extend in a straight line, the costly A tournament matches have taught me better than to hang around a red dot of which I don't know where he is - if he sees me I'm dead. After gaining some distance, I turn back to face him, but we don't find each other. At the end Tommy crashes a second time. I win 2:0.*

* Tommy was very upset with my defensive flying, his second crash in protest as time ran out. Perhaps there's something to it, being a rat in a barrel in the 'A' leaves some marks, lol.

28/01/2011: Matches against Stapler. Not surprisingly, he always sees me first. However, he has a couple of accidents, which swings luck in my direction. Good matches. End result 3:2, both matches.

26/01/2011: Beginning of Week 2. Week 1 has been really successful, most matches took place. After catching up with Edal, we'll decide what to do with the missed ones. We also introduced some penalties to enforce the chosen homemaps and the correct submissions of results. Hope this will work, Edal's having a hard time chasing everybody for missing infos.

23/01/2011: Early morning match for me, very early morning match for Edal (time difference 9 hours). B-tournament. I host. We both set off into the hazy evening of the Sicilian coast with P-51Bs. Many minutes pass before we even see the red dots of each other. Then, a near head on pass very close to the ground nearly brings disaster. The first I see are blazing guns, hitting my engine. A quick look over the shoulder confirms glycol streaming out, but my controls are intact. Also no oil on windscreen. This engine will last me for some more minutes. On the engine's last breath I score my third kill, before I ditch into the sea. 3:1.

22/01/2011: First match in the B-tournament versus Mage, he hosts. I've been looking forward to this. Like a rat in a barrel in the A tournament with my selfmade triple handicap cockpit, no hud and full sense - here the playing field is even. And how much I like it. Unfortunately Mage has some internet problems and at a score of 1:1, we lose connection. On the second go luck is on my side, and after a thrilling 20 minute match I win 2:0. Great immersion, great match! Good to play with Mage again.

21/01/2011: Rematch against KAV, this time I host. KAV spots me flying very high and manages to sneak on me, undetected. He hits me good with his first pass, my windscreen turning black, but nearly stalls out in the thin air. Through the oil I'm aiming at him and think I hit him, but only lightly. Trying to dive away to safety in the clouds, but to no avail, with the oiltrail I'm leaving behind. I receive a few more hits which cripple my airplane, losing next to all aileron control to the left. What follows are minutes of agony, KAV is in a position to shoot but doesn't. I'm trying my luck by taking next to all speed out, and it's working, he overshoots. But my crippled crate doesn't want move into action anymore, and I can't get my guns on him. Finally, exhausted, I crash into the sea. With only minutes left, I power up towards the point of our last encounter. KAV has retreated but I find him, hit him a few times but can't bring him down. Time runs out, and the score is 0:1. Good match.

19/01/2011: Day 3 brings defeat in my first match with KAV as visitor. Looks like I can outrun but not outturn him in his P-51B (I flew the D5). Made some silly mistakes like crashing into him after a kill, but all in all he just was the better flyer on the day. Hope for better luck on rematch.

18/01/2011: Day 2 of the tournament. Really happy about the kickoff yesterday. Great many thanks to Gaijin for sponsoring, received reimbursement for the trophies only minutes after showing them. Now that much of my work has been done, it's time to enjoy...

17/01/2011: Inauguration day, getting all ready last minute, but we're making it. First match with JOE, great sport but handicapped by a new joystick he insists on using. So luckily, inspite of my insistence on flying under my own silly rules, I win both matches.

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