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PSN ID: Draux36
Timezone: UTC +5
RW Location: Asheville, NC
Home map: Britain
Internet speed: 14.78 down/ 2.82 up
Preferred match time: flexible

War Diary:
Jan 18th - Just my luck, 1st time up and I run into 2 aces. Made it through my first encounter with JRHOODY alive and fairly unscathed. Wasn't an easy match by any stretch though.

And then there was MIRGERVIN, or atleast I think it was him. I didn't actually see his plane in the Dover match (lol), but my plane constantly turning into a fireball told me he was there. After, total and utter defeat I proceeded to Berlin where I unfortunately ran into him again. This time I was better prepared. I took note of his maneuvers and tried to match them best I could. This managed to give me enough of an edge to actually see his plane and even get a few rounds off. We passed so close a few times, Ill have a new haircut when I get home. Hope the wife likes it.

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