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- PSN: Reaper 1526
- 1C ID: P51
- Country: UK
- Timezone UTC +/-: +/- 0 (GMT)
- Languages Spoken: English
- preferred playing times: More or less any with prior arangement
- homemap: Dover
- Internet Download/Upload Speeds: DL: 6.37 (with sister on laptop) UL: 0.38 Ping: 31

Flight 1: Myself VS Olife
Turn and burn based in parts with mainly head on attacks at low level - I managed to win considering I hate head on's and 1v1's in general, I'm a team killer and fly much like Von Richtofen (spelling of the red baron's name?) I'm looking forward to our second dance of death with a very worthy adversairy.

Flight2: Olife Vs Myself
Very much the same as the first! Head ons and ended with a few turn and burn - crippling on the first pass and bringing him down on the turn and burn session. Great flight!

Flights 3+4: Dkwookie and Myself
Well, Dk is a good pilot, we had quite a good fur ball and ended with me winning both. Dk lost me a few times when I was on his tail though I got critical hits on him on most passes - I feel bad for defeating you like I did. Sorry!

Flights 5 and 6: Crafty Mac!
Well done to Mac, even though you insisted on using your Club Rules. I'm scared to think what you can do with an easier crate! I ended up boom and zooming him after a tense cat and mouse searching session - a devious plan to only let me get 3-0 ahead. Well flown!

Flights 8+9: Kavorland
The most tense match yet. The first match I lost and the second I won. If I hadn't made two mistakes then I would have drawn or even won both. Great T+B fighter. I ended up having to resort to BnZ tactics which worked for my second round - great flight!

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