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My Net Speed is Nat 2, Standard bandwidth, 5 Meg down with 500k up per sec.

My available times(GMT-4) Mon Jan 17, 18:15-21:30; Tue Jan 18, 19:00-21:30, Wed Jan 19, 19:00-21:30, Thurs Jan 20, 19:00-21:30; Fri Jan 21, Unavailable; Sat Jan 22, TBA.

I throw the gauntlet down to Sir Mac, I want to challenge him as my first combatant.

Please message me with your preferred time, & I will post my projected schedule to fly with each group member.

Catch me if you can....I'm the Gingerbread Man!

Played my first 2 matches with Sir Mac of Malta on Opening nite Monday Jan 17 .
In pregame chat Mac indicated he would fly by his very strick club rules and I would use my new Thrustmaster stick . It did not go so well for me Mac skunked me both sorties .
Although towards end of last match I was starting to get more comfortable with new controls . Mac came away with 7 kills although 2 were do pilot error. One of his kills was a thing of beauty a 1 sec burst that had my Stang an instant fireball. one other had my elevators destroyed and locked in nose down I ejected from A/C . Mac is the most disciplned Virtual Ace his club rules flying allthough a handicap will have you in real trouble if your in his sights he is deadly accurate.

The Joystick vs Ps3 Controller my thoughts

Stick allows for very fine slow speed control Triming causes the aircraft to allmost squat it seems once trimed I noticed the view from cockpit changed like I was sitting lower in my seat ( strange ) . 2 Problems with stick one being that POV hat sems to only be digital so no true panning of view second
allthough very percise in throttle control there seems to be some lag reacts like a jet slower to spool . Pad has no engine lag and analog pov with stick.

Have next match tonite Fri Jan 21 2000 GMT versus Stapler .

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