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Had a dogfight with a Canadian ace tonight, goes by the name of JOED70. I won my first round, even managed to successfully ram my opponent! He mentioned over the radio that he had trouble with his controls, but he still put up a good fight. He forfeited the second match, and lived to fight another day, but not before we had a game of 'chicken' and both lost!

Ace Tip: Watch your throttle if you're on this guys tail. I almost overshot a couple of times...

The lads back at base won't let me live this one down... Lost 3-8 to a pilot who claimed to have trouble flying the mustang. Schoolboy errors all over the place. Forfeited my second match 0-4. I guess it just wasn't my day. I'm getting worried I might not survive this war: If this is a pilot who has trouble flying, what will the true aces be like?

Ace Tip: Don't underestimate your opponent. What they think is bad flying could be your idea of good flying...

HQ assigned me to engage one of the true aces I'd been regretting going up against. Two close engagements ensued, with 'MAC' clinching both wins, but not without having to fight for them! Theres rumours going around the base of a new enemy superweapon: a network of underground magnets designed to lure inexperienced allied pilots (usually myself) to a hard landing!

Ace Tip: Make sure you get the first hit. This guy can fly a damaged plane better than a lot of guys fly normally, and he's deadly if you don't take him out quickly.

Y'know those days when your plane just seems to be in a bad mood? I just had one. I accepted defeat in both rounds, no point in wasting valuable aircraft. My opponent was gracious in victory, I just wish my bird didn't stall so much. As soon as I landed, I asked the squadron CO if I could return to flying my trusty old hurricane. He said that would be against regulations... I guess I'm stuck in the 'stang for now.

Ace Tip: This pilot flies in true French style: VERY fast, and VERY low. Keep your eyes peeled, as he's tough to spot from a distance.

Recieved yet another kicking today. Even mixing things up in the P-51B didn't save me. Started clawing things back at the end of the two matches, but it was too little, too late. I've been in the hangar withe the ground crew, keeping my old hurricane in flying condition. Something tells me I aint getting to the end of this operation.

Ace Tip: After a head on pass, this guy usually goes vertical. Position yourself accordingly.

Finally broke my losing streak today. Scraping the tiles off Sicilian houses, I tried to stay as difficult to spot as possible. Ran out of ammo on one engagement, tried to ram my opponent but hit the ground. Next match was back in England. After staying even stevens for 3 kills each (with some reversals thrown in), kav took me out and went upstairs, leaving me charging around the countryside, desperate to even the scores. Two very well balanced matches in the P-51B.

Ace Tip: My flying style is similar to kavs, so I'll need to keep you guys in the dark this time!

Well, I got word from HQ today that I'm being transferred back to my old unit. I'll still be in the skies, but I doubt I'll ever use the mustang again! Any prospective aces looking for some easy kills can challenge me to a duel, and I'll oblige them if I'm not busy.
This is The_Stapler, signing off.

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