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* thanks P-51 for clarifying, yes I meant the internet speed check.

I cant believe that I am co-organizer and I cant follow our own tournament's rules he he

PSN: edal86

- 1C ID: edal86
- Country: Im in USA border with Mexico
- Timezone: Pacific Time, UTC -8
- Languages Spoken: English and Spanish
- preferred playing times: Monday and Wednesday any time, other days I most likely will be able to play, just message me
- homemap: Sicily the Coast
- Internet Download/Upload Speeds:
download speed: 1.67 Mb/s - Upload speed: .29 Mb/s

__________________________________________________ ________________________________


I just found out about these Blogs hehe, I read some and they are very interesting. I am about to record a video of the "trophies", hope that comes out well.

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