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Originally Posted by janik_dk View Post

I am quite confused here aswell.
Ordered the collectors edition from Finland (I'm from Denmark) which got cancelled. Phoned up Ubisoft Nordic, which couldn't help me with any kind of helpful information about getting the collectors edition.

Ubi through a proxy in the uk? - Can you explain more on how that works?

This is really insane - we want to buy this great game, but are not "allowed" by Ubisoft.
-just google for a proxy server that is located in the Uk.
or use any from this list
-go to the LAN/Connections options of your browser and configure it to connect through a proxy
-go to the main webpage of cllifs of dover Then click the preorder button and you should be taken to the uk page of ubi to order. Or you can also go directly to and browse for the game.
-preorder the game and tell them to send it to Denkmark (free shipping I guess)
-enjoy the game when they send it to you.

ps. maybe you are not comfortable ordering through a proxy, i understand. I would reccomend you no to use the bank account in whchi you have all your life savings. just in case. PAYPAL didn´t work for me via proxy, so I had to use thedebit card. It´s a risk, but i use a debit card that i use only to buy online associated to a bank account to which I transfer only the money I need for online shoppinga at a given time.

I have probably busted a buch of the forum´s rules...

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