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Originally Posted by Hans View Post
Seems like the UK UBI shop doesn't deliver the Collectors Edition abroad

By logging in to via a UK proxy you are able to find the Collectors Edition. You are also able to put it in your shopping cart, but you are not able to submit the order. Neither with PayPal nor with a credit card

I guess we'll have to make a trip to England this summer.
I found a way to order the CE safely through the proxy with PAYPAL/credit card (I tested it with PAYPAL).

1. go to (according to your country) and create an account with your local addres. this account is valid also to login in UBI UK.

2.Use the proxy to order the collector edition UNTIL YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET REDIRECTED TO PAYPAL.

3.Without leaving the page, go to your browser configuration and unclick the proxy option, so now you navigate normally. (the UBI website won´t detect that you are not connecting from the uk anymore)

4. Procced normally (and safely) with your payment with PAYPAL.

I just ordered a collectors edition this way and got the payment confirmation email from PAYPAL

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