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If you fly RAF or Luftwaffe in full switch, or would like to fly full switch then give us a shout. We're a laid back group where immersion and enjoyment is primary. We are of various nations in the European and North American timezones and communicate in English (to various standards) and German.

We run "Kenley Wing" operating Hurricanes from No.615 "County of Surrey" Squadron and No.111 (Fighter) Squadron supported by the daring Spitfires of No.64 Squadron. To complete the RAF we operate "Biggin Hill Wing" with No.501 "County of Gloucester" Squadron and No.32 Squadron on Hurricanes with Spitfires from No.610 "County of Chester" Squadron.

You don't have to be an ace, we are welcoming to all standards even if you've never flown before and can't yet start your engine. Training will be provided to get you flying and enjoying our activities via 6 OTU before posting to a squadron (largely based on your preferred type).

Our Luftwaffe operates as II./Gruppe and III./Gruppe of Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter", the Abbeville boys and the 'natural enemy' of Kenley and Biggin Hill Wings using the Bf109 fighter. We also have a committed Zerstorer staffel in 6./ZG26 performing intruder raids in the Bf-110 heavy fighter. Our staffeln cater for German and English speakers though 6./ZG26 is purely English language.

We are frequently engaged in CoD fielding many pilots on both Allied and Axis. We gather regularly and fly together at altitude on the public servers available and regularly fly our own historical immersion based campaigns in our private server. When ACG form for these missions we are packed in the server from our factions plus large raids of AI bombers. These are not empty squadrons/staffeln, we operate according to historical numbers. At time of writing there are over 120 active pilots in ACG and growing.

All of these squadrons make up Air Combat Group and our goal is to have both factions fighting historically but remaining good friends, there IS a place for you. If you would like to know what we expect from members please read here:

We operate a Teamspeak 3 server at, please come in at anytime. Our new website is at with all the information about us, our forums and a flight school if you want to know more. Please post freely (registration not required for guests).

Finally, if you just fancy flying with us then please come in, we are a public group for general activities.

Hope that's not too much reading, if you are interested just jump into our comms or make a post on our forums or shout at any of our members online

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