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Found more bugs in Co-Op:

If Host player clicks axis flag fast too slow and slower than client players, then client players can not see axis aircraft list to join. They see the Flag but they cannot enter any planes no matter if options are on Easy or Realistic. Workaround is for Host player to be really fast and preferably to enter cockpit before any client players click Axis flag. For some reason allies flag works better.

If Host chooses "Load Mission" and loads same mission again, the game will not clear mission data and the game doubles the total amount of allies and axis aircraft every time "Load Mission" is used. For example. If you have mission where Allies have 8 aircraft and axis have 2 aircraft, then using "Load Mission" once results 16 allied aircraft and 4 axis aircraft. Copies of aircraft are visible both on join/roster list and in game.

Co-Op/Red Attack - Isles of Doom.mis
AI controlled Bf 110-C4 crashes to mountain with airfield on top every time.

Co-Op/Red Attack - Isles of Doom.mis
Has too few planes for blue side. Red has 10 planes and blue has 2 planes. So to mee this mission looks seriously misbalanced at least now when .CS-file including victory conditions are still with unfinished design status.

Other bugs:

Bf-110 C4 tail gunner sound effect jams to endless loop which continues even after the whole aircraft is destroyed.

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