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Type of Improvement: Introduce the re-fly button similar to old IL2

Explanation of Proposal: Currently, in online play the server has to use a script to destroy landed/abandoned planes or they will pile up over time and clutter up the airfields. We need a refly button option that will stop people from A.) hopping out of their planes before landing, crashing, dieing and B.) one that despawns the plane after being pressed and C.) one that doesn't mess with stats upon doing this. Currently with the despawn scripts, once an abandoned plane has been despawned the stats will show up as "AI has been killed by X player (when X player has put at least one bullet in that plane) thus giving that player a complete kill, which is wrong.

Benefits: The old IL2 method was perfect as explained above


Type of Improvement: Server settings for clients

Explanation of Proposal: Currently a dedicated server only has the ability set netspeed and turn VAC on/off through the [Net] code, but there is no options to control the clients connected. This leaves exploitation wide open in the online environment. For instance, you could unplug your modem, go fix yourself a whiskey, come back and plug your modem back in and never be kicked from the server. Only being allowed to set server netspeed doesn't exactly cut the mustard.

For comparison here's just a few of the commands in the old IL2 confs.ini to help with this:


Benefits: To make MP a much more enjoyable and stable atmosphere.


Type of Improvement: Allowing all the default skins to show when custom skins have been disabled.

Explanation of Proposal: Currently in the dedi server environment it's a must to disable custom skins online by adding the command "SkinDownload=0" to the [Net] section of the confs.ini. If these aren't disabled, MP is a terrible stuttery mess every time a custom skin has been loaded in. But with custom skins turned off, only 1 default skin will appear in game. Everyone's game comes with several different default skins based on unit, plane type, squadron etc, yet only 1 skin (the default's default I guess?) is visible to all players online. Since these default skins all come with everyone's game, they should all be able to be displayed online with out any sort of download (aka - stutter)

Benefits: Immersion / Bug fix perhaps?


Type of Improvement: Custom skins online

Explanation of Proposal: Currently custom skins online cause huge stutters when loading in. Even with the 10gbps connection we have there is no stopping this problem for a dedicated server. Many of these custom skins deserve to be seen and used online.

I suggest creating another folder somewhere in the game install where the server could use that folder as an allowed skins folder. This would allow a hoster to create a downloadable skin pack that would match the allowed skins folder for the dedicated server, thus making a custom skin act like a default skin as the server would have them as well. All users without the skin pack will get default skins appearing online. While those with the custom skins should not get the bandwidth "stutter" that is cursing custom skins online atm.

Benefits: To allow all those wonderful skinners to have their work shown online.

And finally #5

Type of Improvement: Dedicated Server Files

Explanation of Proposal: We need true dedicated server files like every other Steam MP game. Currently the server connects to steam like a client (steam actually has to be running). Steam has a problem with both disconnecting at random and also people failing auth at random. Because of this we have had to create and code a few programs to A.) just keep the server running and B.) make the server restart after a certain amount of time. If the server was left running 24 hours a day, these (null) entries can not be removed from the server and that leaves players not being able to join until the server is completely restarted again as these (null) players don't show up in the player listing and therefore can't be removed. Players are essentially stuck in limbo land when this happens.

Benefits: Allowing for a real dedicated server to run that could rotate missions and actually stay up without the use of 3rd party tools to attempt to make it work.

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