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Type of Improvement:
Sound hit FX
Explanation of Proposal
I know the sound engine is not final yet, but at least we need sounds for bullet and cannon hits in our AC, to actually know when we are hit by enemy fire, now all sound like passing by bullets around your plane with almost no hit sound.
Pilots can know when they are hit by AAA or other planes and how hard the were hit

Type of Improvement:
Explanation of Proposal:
Will be great for imersion to have randon damage on the plane and instruments like in RL was, sudenly a gauge stop working or just give a miss reading or jumping around, same for engine and guns. For CEM a few day ago i had a hard crash and when i hit the ground all the lights in the cockpit died, the batteries are modelled??? if it so can be enabled to be switch on/off in cockpit and this device can be damage by enemy fire???
Pilots will also have to check not only fuel, oil, and temps but amper gauges too, and it will give more realism to start up and flight in general