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The following list of your suggestions will be passed to Ilya Shevchenko. Some of the suggestions is taken from Russian forum. Those suggestions that are not included in the list - is already in development or already in the game. All new requests fall into the list of number 5.

Thank you for your work!

List 3 (in Russian) -

1. FMB

1.1 Type of improvement: Full Mission Editor

Explanation of proposals: Add a Only Ai command to Airgroup Option.

Benefits: Usefull for CooP Game, so Missionbuilder can better manage the planes that can select by players.

1.2 Type of improvement: Full Mission Editor

Explanation of proposals: Add a speed parameter to ground actors.

Benefits: At the moment the speed of ground actor differs, which is nice but if you build for example a german "Panzer Keil" the medium and light tanks are faster than the heavy tanks. So building of a historic correct "Panzer Keil" is impossible at the moment.

1.3 Type of improvement: Full Mission Editor

Explanation of proposals: Add a wait-Waipoint to ground actors (maybe AiAircrafts also).

Benefits: So it would possible to let a train wait at a trainstation.
Maybe it would possible to add a idle command to AiGroundActors, for better Mission-Timing. Ok i can use gpPostMissionLoad, but i get Spawn Lags if using.

1.4 Type of improvement: Full Mission Editor

Explanation of proposals: Add a Despawn Waipoint.

Benefits: So a Missionbuilder can easily clean up his mission to avoid slow down. Ok i can use OnActorTaskComplete but it would easier without scripting.

1.5 Type of improvement: Script

Explanation of proposals: A command or Parameter to avoid generation of "server" chat messages

Benefits: I would like to use my own messages, at the moment i get both.

1.6 Type of improvement: Script

Explanation of proposals: A command or Parameter to get player statistics generated by the game

Benefits: Maybe its possible but i didn't find a way to get them.

1.7 Type of improvement: Include a Observation post object

Explanation of proposals:
Create a Observation post object that can be placed by the mission designer. When enemy aircraft come within a set distance to OP it will trigger a message stating an approximate Number, speed, heading, type and altitude of the enemy flight similar to current radar messages, though in a much more limited area and incorporate a realistic ammount of error and delay into these observations

Benefits: Added realism. One of the reasons an Outnumbered RAF was so effective in the Battle of Britain was that they had better situational awareness of their airspace.

1.8 Type of improvement: Modified Spawn system for human pilots and an option for AI pilots in the Full Mission Builder.

Explaination of Proposals: Rather than spawning people in aircraft, have them spawn near or inside (If possible) an airfields barracks. You would then control your aviator and be able to walk a static aircraft that you spawned on the spawn preselection screen (Location, loadout, paint scheme, etcetera) and you would be able to hop into the aircraft or any other static aircraft already (Like if a mission builder had put some static aircraft that would get default loadout except bombers which would get a historical loadout and respawn after a set amount of time) be able to take the position of another crew member. This would also allow people to go to flak guns as they please and leave if they want. Also, if a pilot bailed out overground, that person could either respawn upon contact with the ground or find something else to do (like stealing an enemy fighter). This barracks would also be a moveable spawn point such that if we ever get drivable vehiciles, we can spawn in the front lines.

Benefits: A totally new layer of immersion that can be opted out if you don't want to but I would find this quite interesting to have if possible and thanks for your commitment to the game.

1.9 Type of improvement: Map Tool Protractor

Explanation of proposals: The map tool protractor does only display any angle from 0° to 180° and from 180° back to 0°. The protractor should display any angle from 0° up to 360° instead.

Benefits: To get the vector e.g. from Marck to Wissant there's no way to display the right value 245°. Calculating a course vector and set it to the compass (Peilzeiger) gauge would be much easier (see image).

1.10 Type of improvement: Static damaged air-plane objects

Explanation of proposals: Right now there doesn't seem to be a way to spawn static aircraft in a (visible) damaged condition.

Benefits: I can think of many ways how this can aid in building immersive and exciting missions/campaigns as well as creating a more life like airfield.

1.11 Type of improvement: Please put 1 bridge on the Fields Online Map (Land$Online_Map2) in the next patch.

Explanation of proposals: Currently all the AI tanks & Vehicles re-route around the bottom of the map to get around the river.

Benefits: Great online games can be plaid with ai vehicles and This mission would then be great for both sides to jump into tanks and AAA guns to defend and capture the front lines.

1.12 Type of improvement: Enhance custom vehicle columns & export them to a new txt file

Explanation of proposals: Currently custom vehicle columns are limited to 8 vehicles. This doesn't allow for more than a battery of guns (with towing vehicles), a platoon of tanks or a small supply column. That greatly limits the ability to merge different vehicle types into road traffic that brings the world around the player alive.
My suggestion is to remove the 8-vehicle limit completely (it can be circumvented by using an external txt editor anyway) and save user created columns in specific txt-based files in a new folder in the missions folder (i.e. PRESETS).

Benefits: This way custom columns could be saved for later use & shared via the internet. More and longer columns can be created easily to ease the workload of mission designers. Additionally a "library" for real-life columns can be created to give other mission designes access to such information.

1.13 Type of improvement: Small white smoke plume to FMB

Explanation of proposals: Small white smoke plume in FMB could be used to depict a more lifelike landscape with stubble burning that could look very cool from air. Just playing with FMB and missing that a lot.

Another option could be a generic smoke plume with parameters like size, color diameter etc, so we can build any smoke plume we need from countryside, burning cities to battlefields.

Benefits: Inmersion

1.14 Type of Improvement: Adjustment of the AI skill sliders

Explanation of proposal: Introduce a new slider, for ground attack/bombing

Benefits: Separate bombing accuracy from turret gunner accuracy, currently, the only way to get consistent hits on target from an AI bomber vs. a smaller, moving target is to have their AI Gunnery set to Veteran or above. This produces nice ground attack results, but also increases the gunners' accuracy to the point of getting 100% kills within 2 seconds of enemy aircraft entering their arc of fire, regardless of approach angle or speed.

1.15 Type of improvement: Create definable "target zones" for artillery

Explanation of proposals: Currently (again) artillery objects such as the german 10,5cm leFH 18 acts as if it were an AT gun. That means it will fire only on directly visible enemy objects within a rather short range (under 1000m). This is totally incorrect for what artillery really is, it's an indirect-fire weapon used over greater distances.
I propose to create a "target zone" category which can be placed by the mission designer on the map and assigned to objects of this type (meaning mid- and long-range howitzers and artillery guns) for shelling. If the target box is within the gun's range (i.e. the 10,5cm leFH 18 had a range of about 10000m) the gun will shell the assigned area. Add values for timing (i.e. "start shelling at [GAMETIME]" and "cease shelling at [GAMETIME]") and intensity of fire (i.e. harrassing fire [= 1 or 2 shells per minute] to annihilation fire [= as fast as the gunners can manage]) to further enhance the control of the mission designer)

Benefits: With this method the mission designer can finally have the amount of control over the artillery objects that he should have. And, of course, give the artillery the role it had in reality.

1.16 Вид улучшения: Редактор, артиллерия

Пояснение предложения: Просьба добавить возможность задать артиллерии, танкам и т.п. площадь для обстрела.

Преимущества: Расширяет возможности по созданию миссий, что привлечет новых пользователей

1.17 Вид улучшения: Редактор, Объекты

Пояснение предложения:
1. Проблема со зданиями.
Сейчас здания НЕ ЗАГРУЖАЮТСЯ из подмиссий. Это заводы-фабрики, окопы и другие очень нужные объекты. Ставить все объекты в подмиссиях часто просто невозможно, т.к. может быть неизвестно какие из подмиссий будут загружены. Просьба сделать так, чтобы ВСЕ объекты из подмиссий могли загружаться на карту, это очень важно для создания красивых,интересных и динамических миссий. Чтобы имитировать цель завод, склад и т.п. приходится прибегать к способу из ЗС - ставить машинку внутрь здания. Но машинка эта не статическая и должна иметь вэйпоинты, отсюда большая нагрузка на сервер - значит меньше объектов на карте, нереалистичность, проблемы и лишняя трата времени дизайнера миссии. К тому же все автомобили уничтожаются с трех пуль винтовочного калибра выпущенных в любое место.
Просьба добавить зданиям возможность учета в скриптах(аналогично артиллерии) и загрузку их через подмиссии

2. Проблема со статиками.
Этот вопрос еще более важный. Сейчас нельзя определить, что статик (объект "Статический" из редактора) уничтожен, т.к. метод OnActorDead() для них не работает. Следовательно мы имеем такую проблемы:
-миссию со статиками можно загрузить только один раз, так как мы не знаем были ли уничтожены объекты текущей миссии. Сами из скрипта мы их тоже не сможем убрать. Есть возможность отслеживать уничтожение статика через триггер, но триггеры работают некорректно - не всегда срабатывают, что делает их невозможным использование на серверах.
Просьба добавить статикам возможность учета в скриптах(аналогично артиллерии)

3. Просьба добавить возможность объединять корабли в конвои с возможностью задать строй аналогично самолетам

4. Просьба добавить технике в колоннах возможность задать строй аналогично самолетам. Сейчас они идут в атаку стройной колонной, затем друг в друга упираются и расстреливаются артиллерией. Нереалистично и совершенно не подходит для создания миссии (за исключением движения колонн по дорогам...)

Преимущества: Очевидны, больше хороших миссий, больше пользователей

1.18 Вид улучшения: Полный редактор

Пояснение предложения: Добавление объекта. Добавление объекта "Мина", в настоящее время есть объект "Взрыв бомбы", очень красиво выполненный, эффектный, но, к сожалению, совершенно не эффективный. Не наносит поражения самому незащищенному объекту. Хотелось бы добавить объект "Мина" с помощью которого можно было бы минировать дороги. Либо, изменить свойства объекта "Взрыв бомбы" добавлением к нему двух свойств, прозрачность, и поражение, при возможности регулируемые. Прозрачность позволит размещать объект там, где он необходим по замыслу автора, а поражающий эффект позволит получить желаемое. Прозрачность может быть "триггерной", "видно - не видно", а поражение регулироваться по радиусу. Возможно изготовить несколько объектов с различными радиусами поражения. И привести их характеристики к тротиловому эквиваленту, конечно же его игровой инкарнации.

Преимущества: Дополнит и разнообразит действия наземки.

1.19 Вид улучшения: Полный редактор

Пояснение предложения: Фиксирование сортировки. В настоящее время при переходе из раздела в раздел в "Браузере Объектов" есть два варианта строки "Упорядочить" "По умолчанию" и по "Стране" Хотелось бы настройку фиксации выбора сортировки. При подготовке шаблона приходится переключаться между разделами и настройка сортирования по "Стране" весьма удобна.

Преимущества: Удобство

1.20 Вид улучшения: Полный редактор

Пояснение предложения: Просьба добавить опознавательные знаки на немецкие и английские стационарные самолёты.

2. Multiplayer

2.1 Type of Improvement: Allowing all the default skins to show when custom skins have been disabled.

Explanation of Proposal: Currently in the dedi server environment it's a must to disable custom skins online by adding the command "SkinDownload=0" to the [Net] section of the confs.ini. If these aren't disabled, MP is a terrible stuttery mess every time a custom skin has been loaded in. But with custom skins turned off, only 1 default skin will appear in game. Everyone's game comes with several different default skins based on unit, plane type, squadron etc, yet only 1 skin (the default's default I guess?) is visible to all players online. Since these default skins all come with everyone's game, they should all be able to be displayed online with out any sort of download (aka - stutter)

Benefits: Immersion / Bug fix perhaps?

2.2 Type of Improvement: Custom skins online

Explanation of Proposal: Currently custom skins online cause huge stutters when loading in. Even with the 10gbps connection we have there is no stopping this problem for a dedicated server. Many of these custom skins deserve to be seen and used online.

I suggest creating another folder somewhere in the game install where the server could use that folder as an allowed skins folder. This would allow a hoster to create a downloadable skin pack that would match the allowed skins folder for the dedicated server, thus making a custom skin act like a default skin as the server would have them as well. All users without the skin pack will get default skins appearing online. While those with the custom skins should not get the bandwidth "stutter" that is cursing custom skins online atm.

Benefits: To allow all those wonderful skinners to have their work shown online.

2.3 Type of Improvement: Dedicated Server Files

Explanation of Proposal: We need true dedicated server files like every other Steam MP game. Currently the server connects to steam like a client (steam actually has to be running). Steam has a problem with both disconnecting at random and also people failing auth at random. Because of this we have had to create and code a few programs to A.) just keep the server running and B.) make the server restart after a certain amount of time. If the server was left running 24 hours a day, these (null) entries can not be removed from the server and that leaves players not being able to join until the server is completely restarted again as these (null) players don't show up in the player listing and therefore can't be removed. Players are essentially stuck in limbo land when this happens.

Benefits: Allowing for a real dedicated server to run that could rotate missions and actually stay up without the use of 3rd party tools to attempt to make it work.

2.4 Type of Improvement: Easier use of in-game chat. A single button to bring it up instead of mouse + ALT.

Explanation of proposal: As of now using the ingame chat is cumbersome and has caused some WTF moments when canopy opened etc. when chat was not active even visible.

Benefits: Quicker and easier access to chat.

2.5 Type of improvement: Chat refresh

Explanation of proposals: When I want to see the chat history, very bad, that the new message immediately jumps back to the bottom line, making it impossible for longer rewind. This should be improved. The only solution now is to quickly pull the window border, which uncomfortable, and cumbersome.

Benefits: Readable chat history

2.6 Type of improvement: Pause Chat Window

Explanation of proposals: Difficult to read the chat history, because the chat window jump back to the last row if a new line comes in. Should be solved to stop the chat for this time.

Benefits: Easy to read history

2.7 Type of Improvement: Server settings for clients

Explanation of Proposal: Currently a dedicated server only has the ability set netspeed and turn VAC on/off through the [Net] code, but there is no options to control the clients connected. This leaves exploitation wide open in the online environment. For instance, you could unplug your modem, go fix yourself a whiskey, come back and plug your modem back in and never be kicked from the server. Only being allowed to set server netspeed doesn't exactly cut the mustard.

For comparison here's just a few of the commands in the old IL2 confs.ini to help with this:



Benefits: To make MP a much more enjoyable and stable atmosphere.

2.8 Type of improvement: Recon patrols with camera.

Explaination of Proposals: I have an idea for online gameplay. Recon patrols. Without any ammunition, but only equipment with a camera. The pilot flies out on his recon mission and mocks a target on the ground. He looks down at the target and take a picture, which is now stored in his camera. After the mission, he flies back to base and land.
Subsequently, the pilots, who now takes off from base, have new facilitates. They can now go into their map and see a small icon on the map where the picture was taken. They click on it, and a small image pop up and display the image. For example, the size of 250KB allso show position and time, it was taken. When the target is destroyed, both the image and icon disappear.
Only if the pilot land with photo, this will happen. If he gets shot down, the image will be lost, since it could not be produced and shown to others. As in real life.

You could do something similar with radio communication to home base, if you spot enemy aircraft. Today we get a message on the screen, but an icon of the mad that holds 2 to 5 minutes after the message is sent, might be an idea. Then it disappears and you have to communicate again if you still in contact with the group.

Nb: Its not meant to be like the mod in IL2 1946 with a lot of blinking icons. but in a balanced and realistic way.

Benefits: Dynamic gameplay, there could be close to reality - although it would take longer in real life to get induced photo and send them out. But more realism and dynamism that makes that more people can plan their missions after the targets are given.

2.9 Type of improvement: Usable Steam Overlay in game menus.

Explanation of proposals: We can't use Steam Overlay in game menus right now, it would be good to use it in the game menus.

Benefits: We can chat with our friends with our Steam friends in Steam Overlay and prepare multiplayer matches quickly. It would be really good. I hope it will be happen.

Type of improvement: Fairness/Historical accuracy.

Explanation of proposals: Historically accurate ammo load outs on server settings.

Benefits: With the ability to set your own ammo belts players can make lethal setups that have no basis to ones used during ww2. This can be seen as an exploit and realistic servers need to have a preset ammo belt set to stop potential exploits.

2.10 Type of improvement: Playing tracks

Explanation of proposals: When playing track, recorded from a full real server, it is not possible to review it for outside view. + and option for rewind the track. + a quick track option, when in flight.

Analyse your flight from a real dogfight against other humans, flying in full real settings and learn from your mistakes. Making great videos from the same and be able to use it as a training tool in your squat or public on the net.

3. Plans

3.1 Type of improvement: Add 100 octane fuel modelling for all Spitfires and Hurricanes.

Explanation of Proposals: 100 octane fuel was in use by all of the Fighter Commans stations by the time of the BoB. Geoffrey Lloyd, British Minister of Fuel and Power said; “I think that without 100 octane we should not have won the Battle of Britain. But we had 100 octane.”

A list of reports on another forum which I link to to save space (especially read "Appendix IV" for performance figures and the BATTLE OF BRITAIN section under "A. R. Ogston, excerpt from History of Aircraft Lubricants (Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. Warrendale, PA USA), p. 12." for confirmation that "March 1940 Fighter Command converted all its Spitfire and Hurricane Rolls-Royce Merlin powered fighters to 100 octane"):-
and another listing combat reports mentioning 100 octane or +12lbs boost all from as early as May 1940

Benefits: Historical accuracy/Realism.

3.2 Type of improvement: Proper black and redout simulation..

Explanation of Proposals: Some gamer pilots, using heavy negative G`s, with a following hard positive G as a exploit, to evade British fighters to force them in the negative cutout. There is no G warm up needed in CloD, and I believe the -G`s are too relaxed done. In Lockon FC2, you need to warm up the pilot, to hold and fly max G`s.

Benefits: More realistic pilot behaving, in case of, flying on the G limits of a human person.

3.3 Type of improvement: Prop pitch

Explanation: through various sources there seems to be the common knowledge that the prop pitch of the 109 needed exactly 4 seconds to increase or decrease as much, that the relevant gauge made a change of 360° or 1hour.
now its 6seconds.
furthermore, the pp position to glide, should be 6 o'clock,a position which isn't available anymore.during one of the patches you changed the realistic behaviour for some dubious reason i don't know anymore.

Benefits: Realism (cliffs of dover is supposed to be a simulator)

3.4 Type of improvement: Engine and prop sound improvements

Explanation of proposals: At the same RPM, an engine under load will sound quite different to an engine under less strain. Listen to the change in pitch of your car engine when starting to climb a hill while maintaining the same RPM. You can hear that the engine is having to work harder. The same is true of aircraft. This effect is obvious when exercising the prop on an aircraft on the ground - as the pitch becomes more coarse, biting more air, the engine has to work harder and the engine note changes. The RPM reduces because the engine can no longer deliver enough power to maintain the new pitch.

At the moment, when coarsening the pitch, it sounds like the throttle is just being pulled back to reduce the RPM. It should sound like the RPM is being forced down due to increased engine load caused by the coarser pitch.

I think to summarise:
1. an engine should sound different under higher loads than when under lower loads, given the same RPM.
2. an engine should sound different at higher power settings (boost) than at a lower power, given the same RPM.

At the moment in CloD I can add +5 of boost while maintaining a constant RPM and the engine sounds exactly the same. The sound only changes when I allow RPM to change.

Also, the sound of the props biting the air should be more obvious. I live close to an airfield and can hear the props being exercised from several miles away. They make a very distinctive beating noise as they are forced to bite into more air. Hard to explain I know but adding such an effect would give a real sense that the prop is biting real air and not just spinning in a vaccum. It does sound rather impressive too when running up on the ground.

Benefits: More realistic sound experience, greater variety in engine tone and the player gets a greater awareness of the energy state of the engine.

3.5 Type of improvement: Improved CEM

Explanation of proposals: CloD is so close to full real startup that it is a real shame we can't use the primer and parking brake. Please consider implementing these to make the package complete.

Benefits: Increased immersion and the feeling of having a real engine up front that can be temperamental if flooded etc.

Would be great if number of primes was dependent on outside air temp, temp of engine etc. Too many priming strokes for the conditions and you risk failing to start or having a stack fire. Too few strokes and the engine catches but fails to continue and must be restarted. I really hope you can add this when things become more stable - I know others feel the same. As this is pre-start code I don't feel it would have a performance hit.

Having a parking brake would really help when warming up the engine and testing the prop. At the moment I need to keep my finger on the brakes as the aircraft turns slowly otherwise.

3.6 Type of improvement: Improved CEM

Explanation of proposals: CloD is so close to full real startup that it is a real shame we can't use the oil pressure to know the max. rpm's during warm-up. The oil-pressure must change with the oil-temperature

Benefits: Increased immersion and the feeling of having a real engine up front that can be damaged by too high rpm's during warm-up etc.

3.7 Type of improvement: More realistic/dynamic engine temperature model

Explanation of proposals: For full realism I'd also like to see the following factors affect engine operating temperature please:

altitude (colder air at altitude = cooler)
airspeed (more air through radiator = cooler)
radiator obstructions (like lowered landing gear leg on spit)
mixture (richer mixture = cooler)
boost (lower boost = cooler)
rpm (lower rpm = cooler) WE HAVE THIS ONE

Also radiator flap setting should affect speed and yaw.

In addition, the early marks of Spitfire had a single radiator that was partially obscured by a landing gear leg. This made in necessary to takeoff reasonably quickly and avoid lengthy taxying.
It would be nice to feel the same urgency to avoid overheating on the ground as the real pilots did in the battle. Currently, I can run at high throttle on the ground for long periods without any overheating problems.

Some interesting notes from Spit II manual:

The coolant temperature is controlled by a thermostatic control (automatic) and a radiator flap which regulates the flow of air through the radiator, but which cannot be fully closed. The position of the radiator flap affects the lateral trim of the aircraft (the radiator being under the starboard wing) and can usually be kept in the closed position during cruising flight.

Close the radiator shutter (unless a high power climb is done
, when the lever should be a little forward).

Benefits: Greater need to watch gauges and manage engine. Improved immersion - you feel you have a real engine up front.
User experiences the same problems that pilots of the day had to face. Increased tension before takeoff.

3.8 Type of improvement: Spit II Mixture Operation

Key points:
1. Currently impossible to use +2.5 boost on lean mixture at 2650 RPM (maximum cruising value specified in manual for 87 octane). Maximum possible is currently +1.1 boost.

2. Mixture should have a direct effect on the temperature of the oil and coolant - at present it has no effect.

3. Smooth engine operation is possible at extreme boost levels +5 upwards. These are way above the maximum permissable on a weak mixture and from what I've read should result in severe detonation - rough running and eventual engine damage.

Explanation of proposals: I've been experimenting with the auto-rich / auto-lean mixture settings on the Spit II. My original Mark II manual states that auto-lean cruising should be possible at 2650 RPM up to +2.5 boost on 87 octane and up to +4 boost on 100 octane fuel.

I'm not sure which fuel is being modelled for the Spit II but I guess 87 octane since boost only registers up to +8 and not +12 as mentioned in the manual.

I'm finding that I can't use more than +1.1 boost without the engine starting to miss. This is at sea level. As you climb the boost must be backed off to keep the engine running smoothly - I'm no pilot but this seems logical enough - higher altitudes = less air so mixture becomes richer and starts choking the engine.

I'd like to request that mixture is tweaked to allow me to operate according to the manual please.

I'd also like to see an effect on oil and coolant temperatures when switching between rich and lean mixtures.

It is also possible to operate very high boost settings on lean mixture (way above the maximums in the manual) without any signs of detonation or engine trouble.

Benefits: More accurate mixture behaviour allowing user to fly by the manual and obtain higher boost settings in a lean cruise. Introducing effects of mixture on engine temps would make engine management more interesting and varied.

3.9 Type of improvement: Boost cutout mechanism

Explanation of proposals: The boost cutout switch/knob in the game simply allows the throttle to be moved further forward to higher boost levels. In the real aircraft this was not the case. The real switch immediately removed the restriction on boost for the current throttle setting - allowing boost to surge without having to adjust the throttle at all.

This means that even if the throttle isn't at it's fully forward position, a surge in boost is still likely when the switch is flicked - as any current restrictions on boost will be removed.

Benefits: More accurate boost behaviour. This is also better for the player since at the moment if the throttle is fully open when the switch is operated, the lever must be moved back and then forwards again to achieve the higher boo

3.10 Type of improvement: Fuel cock switching behaviour

Explanation of proposals: Currently, when you switch off the fuel cock the engine quits immediately. In reality, there was enough fuel left in the lines to keep the engine running for a while before fuel starvation kicked in. It would be good if the devs could implement this more realistic behaviour.

Benefits: Greater realism. The Spit II manual states that the fuel cock should be switched off before killing the engine using the slow running cut-out. We can't do this currently as the fuel cock kills the engine before we have a chance to use the cut-out switch.

3.11Type of Improvement: DM, CEM

Explanation of Proposal: Will be great for imersion to have randon damage on the plane and instruments like in RL was, sudenly a gauge stop working or just give a miss reading or jumping around, same for engine and guns. For CEM a few day ago i had a hard crash and when i hit the ground all the lights in the cockpit died, the batteries are modelled??? if it so can be enabled to be switch on/off in cockpit and this device can be damage by enemy fire???

Benefits: Pilots will also have to check not only fuel, oil, and temps but amper gauges too, and it will give more realism to start up and flight in general

3.12 Type of improvement: Optional Chocks In/Out toggle

Explanation of proposals: Speaks for itself realy

Benefits: In for engine warm up eliminates need for parking break or holding breaks & stops movement of aircraft until the chocks are released

3.13 Вид улучшения: Тахометр

Пояснение предложения: Вернуть опционально механический тахометр на те машины, где он был.

Преимущества: Изменяются подходы к пилотированию и сбережению двигателя.
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