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Originally Posted by Ailantd View Post
I donĀ“t think the low resolution textures inside cockpit are related to that texture loading. It can be seen clearly that geometry is also changing so I guess is related to some LOD problem, like the low cockpit model rendering over the high cockpit model or something like that.
Well, i'm not sure how it works out in a technical sense but i can tell you it's not new.

I've had this since for ever on my system, it just happened to surface for more systems with this patch.

I initially thought it was my low RAM (i got only 3GB of RAM and an Ati 4890 1GB graphics card) and it couldn't load all the textures in aircraft with a lot of details: it mostly happened to me on twin engined aircraft, bombardier stations and bombsights, plus the text and marking on the outside/wings of some planes, like the 109.

Well, the good thing is that now that it's a well known issue i can expect some kind of improvement

Originally Posted by ReconNZ View Post
Bug still exists on joining servers - (ATAG beta servier in this case) where you get into the server, but no flags show so cant select a side. Intermittent bug, happens maybe 1 in 5 joins.
I can also confirm this, had to exit/rejoin to get the flags to show on ATAG.

Originally Posted by hollow1slo View Post
Six months for this? Oh, come on. Dumbing down the overall textures quality and effects to get a slight FPS increase?

Please read the patch notes again. The blurry textures thing is a known bug to them, not an intentional change.

Originally Posted by ramstein View Post
how the HECK did the launcher ctd get past software assurance? I mean come on, it ruined the whole patch, it is not minor, it's the killer of COD... I can't speculate, but it is almost if someone wanted it to fail... if it is happening to 90 percent, if not 100% of eveyrone, then it's inexcusable... Someone really really really really totally totally royally epically failed..!
Most people have had the issue resolved and many that didn't, eventually found out that it was fixable once they followed the usual patching procedure for optional patches like this one.

The official/final patches are automatically handled by Steam, but when installing an alpha or beta there's some more legwork involved to make it work properly. Here's what i do:
1) Verify file integrity through Steam: This makes sure i have the correct files for the latest official version, ie the one before the optional patch.
2) Defragment game files through Steam.
3) Go inside my documents\1c softclub\Il2 CoD\cache folder and delete all files within it and the shaders subfolder.
4) Extract the optional patch into the sim's main directory (if prompted to overwrite existing files, choose "yes").
5) Run the sim and wait for it to rebuild the cache i deleted with the correct files for the new version.
6) Run a quick mission and fly around for a couple of minutes to "force" it to load anything it might need to load.
7) Exit the sim.

From that point on, it's safe to launch the sim again, test and fly. I've been following this routine through all the Beta patches and each one has been an improvement for me.
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