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Thanks for the recommendation Meaker.

Flanker and xpzorg, the first file I've attached to this post contains the 'InjecttFxaa_by_Some_dude' utility, using my settings as default. Just open the zip file and put it's contents into your main Cliffs Of Dover directory. I'm not sure which settings Plt Off JRB Meaker is actually using, but if it's not the 'Neutral6' ones that are installed by default, it will be one of the other settings that are also included in their own separate zip files.

The second zip file I've attached is basically the same thing, but using the '' utility instead, and with only my 'Neutral6' settings included. Same deal with that, just copy its contents into the folder where you have Cliffs Of Dover installed and it should be working when you start up the game.

Edit - Here's a long and boring video showing the SweetFX 'Neutral6' settings at 7am over a nice ridge formation somewhere between Dover and London. Should have switched the SweetFX utility on and off to show the difference between it and the default colours, but was too busy looking around at the scenery. Flown with keyboard and mouse too, so the flight controls look a bit fluttery. Max graphics settings and recording with FRAPS made it a bit more stuttery than it could have been as well, but you get that.

***Note- If you're using the 'SweetFX' utility, zip up the original 'd3d9.dll' file in your 'Cliffs Of Dover' install to back it up, as the one in the 'SweetFX' utility will need to replace it in order to work.***

Edit 12-11-12 - Updated readme and re-attached 'FXAA PPI Rev 37...' to this post.

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