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Regarding this bug:

Paper for the Professor: Build 6250. Bought the paper from Rezo but the quest log wasn't updated and it can't be completed. Additional information: "I accepted the quest with 2 ink bottles in my inventory but "get some ink" was greyed out in the quest log. I may have initially refused the paper item from Rezo and/or did another quest first in the same conversation."

It was a bit different for me. I am running 6249/6250. What happened was the following:

When Rezo tell me that the paper costs 2000 gold I only get this alternative to choose from:
"By Odin's beard! That would buy a very fine axe! Enough, I think I will keep the money!"
I take this as a rejection to the purchase, but what happens is that I lose 2000 gold and get the item called "Sheaf of Paper".

The first bug here is that the option I can select does not match the action that happens. Either change the text or add a second option where one is to buy the paper and the other is to bail out.

The second bug at this stage is that the quest log does not update. The entry "Find some paper for Professor Drotar. Ask Archmage Rezo if he has any paper" should have been grayed out.

The third bug is that the house of Drotar the Scientist does not light up as is normal when you should visit a building to advance a quest.

When talking to Drotar I got an option to deliver the paper and finish the quest. So I was able to complete it, but it was confusing for a while.
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