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Originally Posted by matod4 View Post
Hello i like this mod a lot , but i dont agree with mesing up so much with creature speed and initiative , i thin it destroys the game core of combat
I'm not sure exactly what you mean here - do you mean you don't like the creature speed / initiative bonuses that the children provide to your units or that the difficulty level (i.e. impossible) applies to the enemy units?

Both, in my opinion, are great features of this mod because 1) it encourages you to play a unit that you might not play and 2) it makes the enemy more challenging.

Originally Posted by matod4 View Post
Mana is bugged , with mana flask you will exchange with mana , and also that quest where you have to be mage or level 15 , i am always left from 109 mana to 30 permanently
I'm not exactly sure what you mean here, either. Are you talking about the Mana Potion that provides +30 Mana? Is your Mana limit decreasing by drinking a Mana Potion?

I've never seen that before with my mod and I did not even change any of that mechanic and so there should not be this problem.

So if you could be more clear with what you're thinking here maybe I can be of more help...

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