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Originally Posted by Marabekm View Post
Now I haven't flown the 109 much. I do agree if the engine is overheating, the cooling flaps should open fully. Because I haven't flown this plane, I cant tell if that happens or not. And just a question, there isn't a radiator indicator in the 109, so how are you sure its only opening part way and no fully?
You can see the radiator flaps in external view, or in-cockpit if you lean to one side. They don't always open fully when the "Engine:Overheating" warning is on.

However, as has already been said, the warning can come on too soon. You can fly indefinitely with the overheat warning on and the gauges only reading 105°/75°. The cooling flaps might not be fully open at that point but will open further if they need to. If there is a problem it appears to be with the warning not the flap operation.

I think the overheat warning should at most be taken as a reminder to keep checking your gauges.
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