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Enormous thanx to Qwx for his time and very good transcription of the videos, i've just polished up some slightly incorrect things and updated the part Qwx was unable to make out!

Video 1

Russian Nikolaj Perekalov (he is sitting here as you can see) comes to California, his friend Mathew Tiersen meets him. Mathew owes for some reason (we cannot say / won’t learn why, it’s not in the game plot) to Nick, and since he is thankful to Nick, Mathew is eager to help him to create his own transit business. Right now, this story is being told, they are heading to Nick's office. Office is already ready, the only thing Nick has to do now is to jump into the truck and start delivering cargos. This is our company "Nick Trucking".

We enter the office. In the office we have the secretary. She plays important role in scenario - that is, she informs about various twists & turns in company's life, in Nick's life, and what he has to do. Here we have the presentation of game's economy mode. This is Freight Manager, with which we will be able to manage our company "Nick Trucking". I will show Freight Manager a bit later.

Outside we get more information about the scenario. Now appears character Kochrain that works with Mathew, and who we will meet pretty often. I'm not going to describe his role, because that would be a spoiler . Basically Koch's important person, important character in scenario that we will be meeting. Understandably, in Rig'n'Roll we have scenario, unlike in Dalnoboyshchiky and "King of the Road" (or Hard Truck and Hard Truck 2), so we can actually win the game and do it fast.

That's it, we're on our own, so the first thing we need to do is to get to the base of Oxnard, where our first office is. Instantly I had an accident. Base is not far from here – just maybe a mile from here.

<Reporter: tell us, where we are?> This is Oxnard town. It’s located in California, between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, if we can say so. Now we're heading towards Los Angeles, in the opposite direction would be Santa Barbara. First thing we need to do is to take a load (receive an order), and bring it somewhere.

<R: How close are these roads to actual Californian roads?> Mm.. These are American roads.

<R: Please, tell us more> More? Ok. All roads are done according to maps, all roads were filmed and photographed. Game developers spent the total of 2 or 3 moths in California. They were driving around, they were using maps, and they were filming different places. And these places, that were filmed at that time... I think they are recreated close to perfect. That is, I couldn't guarantee, that in Oxnard exists an overpass exactly in this place, but I can guarantee, that there is a lot of this sort of overpasses in California. This is recognizable landscape. One thing for sure, there are none of our trading bases, to one of which we're now heading, in California. This is part of our world, which is needed to provide the player with all sorts of loads.

The very left icon is for current mission (shows at the top of HUD). In organizer we can change the current mission, so this icon would change. This information is being duplicated by this arrow on the map. Next: right now shown in grey – our place in the race. We have deliveries with opponents and without. When we have opponents, this indicator shows us, in which place we are at the current time. Next: time that is left to deliver the load. If the time runs out, we won't get any money, or reputation. Next, a grey icon – GPS navigator arrow that needs to be bought, since it is not pr-installed on the truck.

<R: Where did we come to?> We came to a trading base. Now video is being showed, in which we drive into the warehouse and get the list of orders. Here we have orders, which are ready to be delivered to different bases. They are sorted by type, here we have container delivery or just a sports race without load. We can sort it by delivery place, by type of load, by fee. I think, it pays to deliver mobile phones to Santa Barbara. We take the order, watch the scene in which the trailer is being attached. Here it is...

<R: What is the police doing there?> When I started the game, I had an accident. Finally police have come, now they're going to pursuit me. That is, all the police cars in world are now in pursuit mode, they have the task to stop me and punish. I can stop and wait until they come and fine me, or I can try to run away from them.

<R: Can we run away?> Yes we can. There is a time, in which they remember, that player violated the road regulations, and if player stays for long enough time unseen by the police, they forget about it. Now we're heading towards Santa Barbara. Here we’ll stop to detruck a hitch-hiker. Here we see it on the map.
<R: Do we need a steering wheel to play?..> We can play also with the keyboard. But it is better with the wheel. <R: How better?>

Video 2

Because the car physics are more adjusted for the wheel. Here we have a very good and right physics model. And if the player is a hardcore gamer, knows how to drive a car, he can even set the steering on 3 pedals, manual gear changes, and this would be complete simulation.

<R: What steering wheels the game supports?> Any wheel, that supports DirectX 9. I won't start naming trademarks . Now I'm driving with automatic gearbox, because the wheel doesn't have 3 pedals, and to have manual gear changes, we need to have clutch (the way I understood, no manual gears + automatic clutch, but I might be wrong here).
Now we're heading a bit more than 100 km/h. The mass is huge, so you can imagine the kinetic energy. It seams, we ran away from police. I think it's time to make few more accidents. Now the police have to chase us again.

<R: What happened with the load?> Load is damaged, the passenger is not happy.

<R: What are the consequences?> When the discontent of a passenger reaches 100%, he'll disagree to continue journey with us, when the damage for the load reaches 100%, the order will be canceled. Ok, I think, my car is damaged. You can repair the car right on the road. It costs tenfold more than in repair service, but this possibility exists. Now we're heading to detruck our hitch-hiker.

<R: Is there a damage model of your car, and what kind of?..> Damage model in three words: hard to describe. When an accident happens, the game looks, what you hit, and with which part of your truck. The glass can break, the gas tank can start falling off, the hood can open up, doors can bang around. That is, overall, everything looks pretty realistic. Besides that, there are damages, that player can't see. For example, if you slam with big speed into a wall, the engine can stop working. Then the only thing you can do is to call a repair service. Here the police caught and arrested us. Now we'll see the fine. This is the list of the broken rules, and the fine for that.

Again, a short video. We can see very clearly, that I hit something with the bumper (it is not see). Now Nick will talk to worker, and we'll get the interface. First we need to repair. We can view what exactly is broken. We have the car body damaged, we repair it. Next we can upgrade. We can upgrade 3 item:
• External looks. Like we want.. For example we can do this.
• Driving. That is the things that affect our speed, handling. The list of engines, which we can buy. We can buy the most expensive now. There is Nitrous. Despite the fact, that we have diesel engine, we can improve speed. We can buy additional fuel tank, less refueling. Soft suspension. Engine breaking, well... The thing that I don't use, but if the player is more professional, and plays on hard difficulty level, it will be useful. Fairing also increases speed. Wheels increase steering response (roadability).
• Safety systems. We can attach additional mirrors.
I think it's enough. We've already bought upgrades for 115.000$. That's how our truck looks now.

<R: show us, what has changed> Here we have new additional mirrors, fairing (this is that aerodynamic thing on top of the truck ), that wasn't there, fuel tanks from both sides, and overall, the truck started to look more stylish.

So, the game comes out in autumn this year. At this moment, I would say, it is 97-99% finished. If there were a task to release it right now, we could do that, but there is no such task, so we can refine some certain things. It's not the visual part of the game; it's more about the traffic behavior, that, from our point of view, not always behaves correctly. In autumn we will finish everything, and the game will come out.
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