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Arrow My Review and Opinion

Hi All. it's a very good game

i decided to write my opinion about the game and compare it to some other similar video games.

graphics; good enough for a racing game especially if you run the game on strong systems

sound; car's sounds are good but the game's world is silent. i mean covered by music

music; great. good songs. russian and english language. however if you dont like them you can add your favorite tracks to game's radio folder

difficulty; the game is not an easy one even on normal difficulty. however it depends on your car and your skills but overally it's hard

cars; not as much as burnout's cars but still not bad at all

physics and car damage system;
not bad but with no animation after wrecking

storyline; good. especially for a racing game [i haven't finished the game yet]

controls; if you use gamepads and racing wheels then it's better but with keyboard you have to optimize controls sensitivity at high speed.[reduce it a lot and you'll get good result] you may still experience some problems sometimes at low speed after accidents then simply press R button to have your car in stable and good condition to drive quickly

overall; the game is a lot better than Fuel and NFS Undercover i know they have some differences but nfs is going to be very boring and Fuel.....What can i say about that

so i think we have to compare the game with burnout paradise

both have they advantages and disadvantages. burnout has more cars to drive and bigger world but city in burnout paradise is a dead city. streets of moscow taking place in moscow streets so it contains a lot of cars and traffics and people around the streets also. i mean a living both you can expreience various racing modes but SOM has death matches in louvre museum and some other attractive places.
and finally both of them have good enough multiplayer features and some unique features

so if you are a racing games fan then get it and ENJOY

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