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Originally Posted by Sweeper View Post
1. When u put character in palace does the city still receives bonuses from him or only when he is outside of town in his spfere of influence?

2. Do you have governors, majors, and scientist, and priest for every town you own or only at capital?

3. When you are moving your work force from villages to schools, or churches do anyone has any tips? always somthing suffers it seams i cant fine tune it.?

4. I need much more work forces then i have the only way to increase population is building biger houses?

5. Any good use of building forts???

6. Any other good tips and tricks.

Thank you all
there is a strategy I like to use: move all population of new conqured soil to my capital and concentrate my characters there! I tried and found that when the population of a fully developed city hit 60,000 it started to cost more food to supply, and some less developed city has reletively lower top population, you can move out 500 peasants at a time by press the second button in right of the city panal and then settle them else city by rightclick at it. it has a better defence advantage like the x% plus in resources collection. no longer need to place more govourner or alcumist near cities.
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