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Default iOS and Android air combat games

i never really cared much for the smaller platforms like iPad or droid phone but they have began to grow on me. most are not as sophisticated as xbox or ps3 ( or PC ) games but they have made great strides in the past year. one game i play regularly is FighterWing2 ( android only). It is a small one man company and is almost as good as BoP ( or Bos ). it does have limitations and suffers from lag and a few hey, playing this game we are used to those. its worth a look...the forum can be found here.

and the game is in google play...a free download.

the other game i am anxiously waiting on is Gunship3 WW2. at the present gunship 3 has several games and packages on both apple and android. it started with a vietnam game and was expanded to where you can fly migs in the north vietnam airforce or fly as us carrier pilots. a short time ago they came out with Mig Alley...a korean war game. not being muchof a jet jockey i didnt mess with this much. but when they said they were making a ww2 game i was excited. it will include carriers, cruisers, destroyers, and u-boats that can be bombed/torpedoed and sank. you will work yourself up by year and the early war planes look awesome! there is no word on when it is due out but i expect it soon...iOS first then droid. anyways check out the forum here:
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