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Originally Posted by Raziel666 View Post
I did copy everything for the Matarice and Bastard. Change everything add them to the shop list. But the game crash every time i try to dock to station. There is diference between the texture files in main texture directory of those two and oder fighters including the corvet. Any ideas how to resolve the problem?
SW3 should still be able to load SW2 textures, especially since I transferred a texture myself... The crash makes me wonder, though, especially since bugged textures are not likely to crash the game, I think. Every game handles bugged textures differently.

Did you use a program to edit the XML files? Doubtful its an XML problem, though, since the game refuses to work if theres a broken XML usually. Did you double-check all your modified code to make sure there were no syntax errors? My sixth sense is telling me that you made an error in one of the script files (Possibly one that has to do with the station), which crashes the game every time it calls that script.

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