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New patch is here:

version Third Quarter r5

1.Assassins' talent "Shadow Cloak" is disable in the day. When in stealth, Assassins' critical hit has an extremely low chance of instantly killing the target.

2.Spell "Target" no longer affects eyeless creatures.

3.Reworked/Buffed/Nerfed several items.
——Cloak of Shadows: allied Assassins no longer break stealth when they attack or use a talent.
——Dragon Toy: pet dragon's offensive abilities have a chance of Critical Hit.
——Chieftain's Belt: Reduces the attack of enemy robbers, pirates and Vikings of level 1-3 by 20%. It may be usefull in the early game.
——Straw Hat: Allied Peasants will be less likely targeted if the enemies can attack other troops. It works properly now.
——Shark's Tooth: +1 Physical Damage to allied Devilfish.
——Staff of Insanity: +30% power of the spell "Berserker".
——Madman Set: one random enemy troop who is not immune to mind effects goes insane at the beginning of battle.
——Woolen Dress: 50% less chance of receiving the "Freeze" effect, instead of freeze immunity.
——Ice Dragon Amulet: the super "Freeze" effect only works in snowy terrain now.
——Princess Set: halved the bonus.
——Set of the Virgin: reduced the bonus.

4.Removed the leadership requirement of Winged Shadows' talent "Embrace of Death". Fixed Winged Shadows' AI.

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