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Nice you keep updating indeed. seems like you are nerfing quite some items. Lets see how it plays out.

2 small notes:
1. Archmage gets no morale bonus from the Bill gilbert portrait.
2. the assassin set: seems like it gives only a straight +1 attack point, instead of 20%.

I did not yet check the cold effect and if it became -2 speed now..

I love the idea that certain units gather experience and mature with new abilities - it really adds to replayability. in a way, the dragon pet choice already lets you choose a preferred play-through.

Zhoudaohan: what do you reckon; it seems like so much of battle statistics are tracked (all, basically). Could we add like a 'Book of Statistics' or Battle Diary' in the inventory which lists many statistics, like number of battles, the number of enemies, which ones and such. we could even create a dialogue/quest around that with the Weapon Master.
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