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Originally Posted by orlandu21 View Post
I am a little confused on how to adjust those settings. I would like to keep the enemy strength and money as is, but change the rage and dragon to 50. As for Amelie's exp, I have never seen it referenced in any mod so I don't know what the original setting for it was, but as long as I can get close to max level with the 7% that's fine.

Looking at the percents the only one that makes sense is the money string - 0.4|0.4|0.4|0.7 because the 0.7 could mean 70% but all the other numbers I don't know how they add up to the percentages you posted.

Any help with adjusting this would be much appreciated.

Thank you
spexp and exp are divisors. So Dragon to "50%" (0.5) would be 1/0.5 = 2.

6.4 means it's 1/6.4 = 0.15625, that is "15%".

With exp 14.2 setting achieving max level (you mean 50) may be very hard (impossible?) to achieve as I also tweaked exp table so that after level 35 much more experience is needed for levelup.

Other than exp and spexp are multipliers so alead=7.0 means 700% stronger enemies, money=0.7 is 70% money, rage=0.1 is 10% rage and manarage=0.1 means speedy rage and mana loss outside combat.
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