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Ok, I'm continuing to experiment with the new Dgen. Flying a Buffalo for the Dutch Air Force in Singapore, I am now getting long distance missions to the north, northeast but not far enough to pose a problem with running out of fuel yet.

I have noticed that on these long distance missions, some other Buffaloes are assigned to attack ground targets but never carry the 2 X 100lb bombs that they are capable of carrying. Instead they just go with their Mgs and strafe the targets with bullets in lieu of the bombs.

I also noticed that the new DGen_mods.ini file replaces the conf.ini as a place to store DGEN parameter commands.

My question is why?

This renders the IL2 Stab program no longer capable of conveniently changing these parameters, as Stab uses the commands in the old conf.ini. Lots of people still use IL2 Stab.

Are all of the old Dgen conf.ini commands still valid?

Is there some advantage going with a separate ini file?

Also there as a new one called 'LogLevel=' and I have no idea what that does. I'd like to know.

Are you hoping I don't ask any more question? Just kidding
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