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I'm not sure if this is the right thread, or the other one is. Anyways, I'm playing a mage. Near the end of Haas's Labrynth, and I have 45 int. I think a couple spells may be a bit unbalanced at this point.

Armageddon - does 0% damage to friendlies. They take 1 damage, and 1 burn damage/turn.

Stone skin - +80% phys resist for -1 init. Add in Tolerance + Slippery Cuirass or Twinkling boots, and everyone has 95% phys resist. Physical attacks might be a bit underpowered given this.

Battle Cry - +5 morale, mass. Thing is, between diplomacy and wife bonuses, it's easy to hit the morale cap anyways. So it doesn't seem very useful.
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