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Originally Posted by Moggy View Post
Thanks for posting these biltongbru. I do have a question for Mr. Finney regarding the Hurricane Mk.I and Mk.II startup. My questions is this;

Before you started the engine of the Hurricane Mk.I, did you have to switch the fuel tank selector switch to the reserve (gravity) tank or was it possible to start the engine on the main tank? In the pilot notes and the Ferry Pilot notes, it states that the Hurricane Mk.I had to be started on the reserve tank whereas the Hurricane Mk.II could be started on the main tank. Unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to ask a Hurricane pilot if this was the case.

Many thanks.
Looking at the ATA notes from 'Flying Wartime Aircraft' as I type this, looking at the Hurricane section for the MkI, it states;

The use for tanks on take-off are as follows:

1. If all tanks are full take off on MAINS.
2. If MAINS are less than half full and RESERVE is more than half full take-off on RESERVE.
3. If all tanks are less than half full, the aircraft is not in a fit condition to take-off.

Run-up must always be made on the tank to be used for take-off: use the other tank for starting and warming up.

It goes on to say, during PREPERATION FOR FLIGHT;

5. Check fuel contents. When tanks are full turn on RESERVE for starting and warming up.

Then later just prior to the run up;

In the normal case when tanks are full and the start has been made on Reserve, CHANGE OVER TO MAIN TANKS just before the run up.

Hope that helps mate.
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