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yeah so i saw the contest BEFORE any one posted a response for it and probably sent the answers in but i didn't bother with it, KNOWING they didn't take the time to make it actually fair(yes i'm born with a brain.. and REALIZED this wasn't fair AT ALL!!!!!!)
... cause ya know making a contest that isn't fair for EVERYONE is totally a good ideal...
here's my contest... lets see who answers first overall between different time zones soooo i expect everyone to stay awake or be online this forum to answer!!!
whoever answers first wins..
do YOU think it was fair the way they did it?
No lol, not fair. And then again, why not keep this contest for 3 days, let a lot of people answer and pick the names out by a volunteer. All I see are people who have never been on the forum that won lol. Because they just saw the anouncement on facebook.
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