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Two problems that I see mentioned quite often is the G25, and the Cops. Both are getting a bad rep.

Lets go with the G25 first:
I use to have a problem saving my inputs for the G25, steering, FF, etc, but not anymore. There is a file in MyDocuments\MyGames\RignNRoll_eng\yourprofilename\ double-click the file with sprocket. This will solve all your problems, and over-ride the game conflicts of imputing. It took me about 30 min. to get it just right (save the original before you try it). Now my clutch & shifter reacts smoothly, and accurately. Steering, and FF are as they should be, right down to the tension on turns, jumping curbs, or driving on dirt.

Now the Police:
I don't have a problem here either, and I'll tell you why. I very seldom have interaction with the police in the game, except for accidents. Just like in real-life if an 18 Wheeler is involved in an accident, (your fault, or not), the police are going to get involved, or the US DOT's. However, getting handcuffed, and fined (if not your fault) is a little over the top. What I find to be unrealistic is that you can do 100 mph, and blow the doors off the cops, and they don't so much as bat an eye at you!!

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